Thursday, 24 June 2010

Top Joomla Extensions

Earlier we mentioned what to take into consideration when downloading a Joomla extension. I have compiled a list of my top Joomla extensions that my team and me use in most of our Joomla projects, we have found the below extension extremely useful for us and for our clients.

Acajoom - jNews

A perfect extension if your looking to setup a mailing list on your website, with this extension you can easily create a mailing list, set categories, and send out emails for newsletters, marketing or even general emails. The extension also offers auto responders and other email marketing tools.

Akeeba Backup

This is one of the extensions that we have made a compulsory for every Joomla project we do. A perfect backing up tool, which allows website owners to back up their full site within minutes. This extension also comes in handy if your looking to move your Joomla site elsewhere, all you do is back up your site using this tool, and install at the new location. Akeeba also informs you if your site is not up to date with the backup.

Bear League

If your building a sports website, specially a football league. This extension will save you time and the hassle of developing a full league system. With Bear League you can create leagues, tournaments, matches, and add teams, along with players. Best of all it will track your team results for you and display them in a leaguer table…perfect.


Docman is an extension that allows you to offer a downloading feature for your visitors, your visitors can download, documents, audio, videos…etc

It allows you to create categories and also assign permissions to the download. A good tool for any Joomla website which requires their users to download something.

Breezing Forms

With Breezing forms, users can create forms direct from the joomla admin panel. You can create simple and advance forms, which users can fill out and email to you, great for beginners and advance users.

Front Page Slide Show

A powerful eye catching slide show extension for Joomla, the slide shows has many features from simply setting up links in the slides, to adding text and cool transition effects.

BIGSHOT Google Analytics

This plugin will automatically  add Google Anyaltics tracking code to all the pages in your Joomla Site. Simple and effective tool.


jEvents is an amazing calendar tool, which allows the admin of the site to add event dates, programs,  location, and the full agenda of the event. The extension also comes with modules which you can set on the home page of your website for visitors to access your calendar easily, and to stay up to date with upcoming events.

JCE Editor

One of my favorite editors, the editor is easy to use, anyone that's used Office before, would be able to use this, it allows users to add titles, fonts, links, images, set colors, and much more. Again a must for me in all our Joomla Projects.

Joom Fish

Ever wanted to have a multi language site, now you can with this extension, install the extension along with your language plugin, and you there, you just need to add your content.


Have a fully functional blog on your Joomla Site, LyftenBloggie, allows you to install a perfect blog, along with categories, images, RSS feeds, Trackbacks, and also allows visitors to leave comments on your blog posts.

Phoca Gallery

A gallery extension, that allows you to create a full photo album, by uploading images or integrating the images from picasa. You can also embed youtube videos into Phoca Gallery.

RS Firewall

Building an open source website also has its disadvantages, one of them being attached by hackers all the time, as a website owner you can take precautions to prevent this happening, RS Firewall offers Joomla Security, which you can install into your Joomla site, and it will attempt to protect your site from intruders.


Above are a list of few of our favorite extensions that we have used in our projects, share with us your favorite Joomla extension, by leaving a comment below.



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     so cool i really want to be like you.

  2. Good listing..Especially,DocMan looks like pretty one...In most of the companies have more potential strength for joomla platforms by using these kind extensions.