Friday, 18 June 2010

When to choose Magento as an e-commerce Platform

Over the past 12 months there has been an increased amount of searches made for Magento e-commerce solutions, according to trends on Google, and fewer and fewer searches are being made on other e-commerce platforms such as oscommerce.

More and more business are looking at Magento for their online business needs.

So we know Magento is proving to be popular then other e-commerce platforms, but when do you choose Magento over others, what are the main advantages of going for Magento and not for any other open source e-commerce platform?

As mentioned in our previous postearlier this week, there are many advantages and features, what I am going to highlight today is a few simple features that come as default on Magento, which make user experience whole lot simpler (both for online shopper and admin).

Online Shopper

  • Magento offers a great one page layered checkout, allowing shopper to enter all their details on one page, by different tabs opening and closing, similar to a drop down menu, this is one of my favourite features that comes as default, it makes the checkout experience so much smoother, and hassle free as everything is done one page.

  • Users to the website can compare a range of products; again enhancing the buying experience of the customer online, user can browse through products, compare a set of products and decide on which product they want to purchase.

  • Users have the option to enter multiple shipping addresses, if this is a feature that you would like to have on your checkout stages, then Magento has this as default, you can allow your buyers to ship their ordered products to multiple address all under one checkout.

  • Once a user has purchased a product they can leave a review on the product they have just purchased. Allowing others to read their feedback before they place their order. – This is something I tend to do when I am buying something, I read what others say about it. Again a powerful selling tool, ready made in Magento.

  • Magento also comes with a default feature, which allows users to go back to their recently viewed product, also allowing users to add products to their wish list.

Admin Side

  • Besides the admin being easy to use, and not requiring any advance knowledge there are many default features which stick out, listed below are few:

  • If your running more then one store, Magneto offers you multi store functionality, which allows your to manage more then one store from your single admin panel, you will be able to view both store statistics, and manage them as two separate accounts.

  • If your running promotions and a discount campaign, you can set coupon codes in the store, so users can benefit from discounts, this is also a good feature, for you to track and see what is working and what you need to improve on.

  • You can update all of your products by uploading a CVS file. This will allow you to batch update all of your products or upload new ones, again saving you time, rather then going in and adding or adding each product individual.

Above are just a few of the Magneto’s features, which come as default, you can download the full Magneto’s feature list by clicking on the link below:

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