Sunday, 11 July 2010

Affordable Business Applications

We normally get asked as a web Solutions Company, which programs are good for certain tasks, such as accounts, projects management, and Customer relation for an online business to operate to have.

Below are some of the programs we have used or are using on a daily basses, which we find are simple and easy to use, and best of all it gets the job done.

Gmail for Business
Gmail for business is great emailing program that you can purchase for your business, it offers a massive 25GB storage per user. If you send and receive large email attachments within your business, and find yourself using up your storage space quickly, then. Upgrading to Gmail for Business is a good move. You can customise Gmail so that your domain emails come into your Gmail.  With Gmail, you can also label and tag each email accordingly, and to find an email quickly with its search feature is great.

View the full feature list of Gmail for business here.

Capsule CRM
A simple Customer Relation Management System, which you can register to manage your business customer’s correspondence, appointments, projects and also potential customer details. If you’re a start-up business, and want a quick and easy CRM system for your business , Capsule CRM is the way to go, rather than building your own bespoke CRM in the beginning, you can use this software for your business, and maybe later on if the need is required, build your own.

We still use Capsule CRM, along with our own bespoke CRM system that we have built. With Capsule CRM, you can manage all of your customers, suppliers all in one place, and any emails you send to them, you just need to add a BCC to your Capsule inbox email id and Capsule will then link that email to the relevant customer’s profiles. You can also integrate many accounting software’s into this CRM, which then links your accounts and customers together.

View the full feature and price details of Capsule CRM here.

one of the first applications we have registered to, Kashlow is a simple way to manage all of your accounts. Within Kashflow you can create invoices and Purchases that you have made. You will be able to style and set your own invoice the way you want your invoice to be. The program will also send you and your customer’s reminders when the invoices are overdue. The program also has the option to add repeat billing, which is great for subscription products.  At the end of each month, quarter or year, you can pull up your reports, which your accountant can use for your company. Kashflow also integrates with many applications to help you manage your accounts efficiently. Kashlow have also launched an iphone app, allowing you to keep up to date with your finances on the move.

BT E-Signature
BT e-Signature is a great way of sending out secure documents to be signed, it saves time, and also improves efficiency. You do not need to send out manual documents to be signed any more, using BT E-signature you can send a document to your customer to sign, and also receive the signed document back within minutes. It’s simple, secure, easy and fast. The quicker you sign documents, the quicker the customers will receive their services, and the quicker you will get business though your door. BT E-Sign also stores all of your sent and signed documents in an archive for you to easily access.

Google Calendar
You can use Google calendar to manage all of your appointments and schedules, online. It’s a simple user-friendly Google application, which allows you to also create multiple calendars (Business, Personal, Family...etc). By using Google calendar you can also integrate your appointments into your email program, and also sync with a mobile phone. Google calendar also offers many features, such as sharing your calendar with others, a great way to share appointments and also setup reminders to be emailed to you prior to your appointment.

Faxes are becoming less and less fashionable I would say, more and more business are using emails, but sometimes the need for a fax arises, when you need to send or receive a fax. Rather than getting a dedicated fax line for your business and paying a full line rental, you can purchase an e-fax program such as BT PC Fax, which will send faxes to your email, and also you can send emails as faxes from your email account. Making it simple and cost effective to have your own dedicated fax number.

Paymo is a free time tracking program, allowing you to keep track of time you spend on a project or with a client. Great for freelancers or even companies that need to track time. The program allows you to create invoices for your customers according to the time you have spent, along with reports per customer or project. Paymo also offers integration into Gmail, and also have an iphone app.

Remember The Milk
Remember the Milk is one of the simplest and the best way to manage all of your daily tasks, it offers great integration into Gmail, Blackberry, iPhone, and many other platforms. Remember The Milk sends you remainders when the task is due, along with a list of the daily tasks. It also allows you to add notes to the tasks to make it simpler for you to complete that particular task.

A perfect way for sharing files and documents with your colleagues and also with other business, Dropbox gives you free 2GB of space, and also offers an incentive to gain more space by referring others to the program. You can create folders to share with certain people, and also use it as your online backup tool. Dropbox has many features, such as view past 30 days deleted list and many more which you can view the full feature list here.

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