Tuesday, 13 July 2010

bbPress Open Source Forum


Were pleased to announce a new platform in our hosting portfolio, bbPress. You can now easily install bbPress from your hosting control panel, with just a click on a button.

What is bbPress

bbPress is a simple open source forum platform, developed by the makers of WordPress. It has an easy to use interface and added security compared to other open source forums.

Benefits of bbPress

-       Customization: Customize your theme of your forum to suite your requirements. Similar to WordPress, bbPress allows you full customization.

-       Plugins: again similar to WordPress, it comes with a large portfolio of plugins which you can install onto your forum.

-       Its Free: you can download and install bbPress onto your server at no cost.

-       Simple to use, bbPress is much simpler to use then many other open source forums, and can be easily learnt.

-       Secure:running a fourm always has the risks of being hacked. bbPress comes with added security at all levels to help prevent attacks.

-       Integration: you can easily integrate WordPress into bbPress and vice versa, allowing your visitors to just have one login for both platforms.

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