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Benefits of Flickr


More and more business are taking advantage of social networking websites to market their business online, and to put their products in front of many potential customers.  The main purpose of social networking is to share things with others. We all like to share what we find on the web, and also what we do personally, at work, and in business with our online friends, using various means of networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and also Flickr. 

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What is Flickr?
Flickr is an online image and video sharing website, where users can upload images, on to their profiles, and share their images on the web or through their own network profile. It also allows others to use images for their own projects and use, depending on the copyright status of the image.

Benefits of Flickr

-        Free: You can create a quick free account online to share your images, you can upload 200 free images and share them at no cost at all prior to upgrading to a PRO account. Flickr offers many free options to have a Pro account, with other services, such as if you have a BT Yahoo service, you get a pro Flickr account.

-        Awareness: You can build your Flickr profile by adding images, and tagging the images accordingly for other users and search engines to find it easily. It’s an easy and cost effective way of sharing your work and images with others.

-        Networking: you can add other Flickr users to your contacts, and view their profiles, stay up to date with what they are uploading and sharing, unlike many other networking profiles, you are not sharing your personal details, your daily status, and your own contact details, it more of sharing photos, and your work.

-        Interact: on Flickr you can join groups, and share your ideas, and tips and tricks with other Flickr users in the group. Flickr also allows you to create your own community, with your friends and family, so you can share and interact with each other on Flickr.

-        Organise– You can organise your photos into groups, which you can display as slide shows or galleries on your website. A good way to organise your portfolio or any images that you may have, you can set them into groups such as albums.

-        Feeds: each group and profile has its own RSS feed, which you and others can subscribe to, also a way to fetch the data you have on Flickr and display the images on your website, and other networking platforms.

-        Reuse: Once you start uploading good quality images, you will receive requests to reuse the images, by others. It’s good to accept the invitations, as it will show that your work is being appreciated and building awareness online. Also ensure you get the correct credit for approving them to reuse your image.

-        Statistics– Flickr offers a statistics tool, which allows you to see which of your images are doing well and are more popular. A useful tool which you can use to see what kind of images the general users like.

How business and users can use their Flickr account.

You can use Flickr in many ways to share and promote our work, below are some and how they can benefit by using Flickr.

Flickr Website: What a perfect place to share your professional work, whether you’re a professional photographer, or a gardener, builder, or even a graphic designer or any other business that you have images of your work, you can add all of your portfolio images to Flickr, for others to view and appreciate your work. So if someone asks to see your work, you just need to email them your Flickr profile link which will have your full portfolio.


Your Own Website:You can embed and display your Flickr images onto your website, by embedding them or using the RSS feed. If you’re running a blog on Wordpress, you can install Flickr plugins, which will fetch the photos for you, all you need is to add your Flickr username and password.
On the web there are also many scripts you can download which will convert your Flickr images into a slide show to embed onto your website.

Using others images from Flickr

There are many images on Flickr that you can use for your own projects, websites, a blogs, but you need to ensure that you have the full rights to use the image for the purpose you intend. As there are copyright implications you will need to adhere too.

A good article on using Flickr images and the copyright information can be found on the link below:

A complete Guide to Finding and Using Incredible Flickr Images.


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