Friday, 30 July 2010

Choosing a Good Domain Name For Your Business


So you have decided to setup an online business, and you’re choosing a name for you business or thinking of what domain name to register for your new website. Don’t rush into choosing your domain name, you want to ensure that you select the best name that fits your business, so take some time selecting the right name, as for all its going to be with you for the rest of your business life.

If your business is already trading offline, you probably already have a name for your business, in which case, most of the hard work is already done, but you can still ensure that you buy a domain name, that is search engine and keyword related, e.g.: if your run a Bakery and your company is called “Bites”, you could reserve a domain name such as or  By using one of your keywords in your domain name, your giving a better chance for search engines to display your website if someone searches for the keyword “cakes”.

What should you think of when registering a domain name?

Keyword Rich: As mentioned above choose a domain name that has atleast one of your main keywords in it.  This will give you a slight advantage over others who have not got a keyword in their domain name.

Unique & Easy: You want a domain name that the general public remember, something unique and memorable. When people see your domain name, they shouldn’t need to write it down, or try to memorise it, it should click with them easily, and stay in their mind. You want the domain name to be quick and catchy and also easy to spell. This doesn’t mean you just have to have one domain name, you can register as many domain names as your prefer, and point them all to your website.Domain Names


All of the above point to the same site.

Top Level Domain:  Register a domain name that links to your business, and also location, if you’re a UK based company a domain name would be your first option. If you were a Charity a domain name ending with .org would be a good option, and similarly if you’re offering a service world wide, you might also want to go for .com

Your Brand: Incorporate your brand into the domain name, set your self apart from your competitors, and register a domain name that doesn’t just link to your service, but also has your brand name in it.

Local Area:You might want to add your city or town name in your domain, to give you a better local presence. Example: if your running a Bakery in Wembley, you may want register a domain name such as Which will help in local search results.

There are plenty of domain names you can register for your business, but ensure that the main domain of your business is thought well, before you start marketing that domain.

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