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Do SEOs Need To Do Anything Special or Different For Bing SEO?


Do SEOs Need To Do Anything Special or Different For Bing SEO?

Yahoo has started testing organic and paid search results from recently. Yahoo and Microsoft had signed a deal and according to the deal Microsoft was to take over Yahoo’s organic and paid search results and blend those resources into Bing.

This is the initial stage of the execution of that deal and the transition has begun. As an SEO company we are more than happy about this and welcome the transition, as from now on we have to focus on two  (Google and Bing) major search engines instead of three (Google, Yahoo and Bing).

 Though Google has been having a majority in the search market share we have always been focusing on the fact that when you optimize a site you optimize from the search engine perspective not only the Google specific perspective.

If you also have been having the same  SEO approach then I don’t think that there is any major change which the SEO has to execute on the sites to make it Bing friendly, as suddenly people have started checking if their site is ranking on Bing.

Please refer to our blog article dated 03/03/2010:The Yahoo-Bing Search Deal And Its Impact On SEO Search Engine Optimization

Wherein it was mentioned:

·       As far as SEO is concerned,  if your main objective as an SEO company is to optimize websites for all search engines rather than only one i.e Google then I do not think you need to worry.

Ethical SEO practices give you a presence on all the search engines sooner or later.The recent trend is towards long tail keywords as they work on all search engines and as the search patterns of  the searchers  have also become more specific as this helps finding the targeted landing pages which saves a lot of time of the searcher.Though the clients want only Google rankings but there was a time when people thought that Altavista was the only search engine available.

So, follow the basics, keep yourself updated with the latest algorithms of all the search engines, focus on long tail keywords with an emphasis on geo targeting and the generic rankings will surely follow provided the site is content rich and informative and has qualitative inbound links.

Once you have a presence in all the major search engines you are sure to be in a win-win situation. Whether its Google or Bing or Yahoo having a major market share will not make any difference to the websites optimized by you.

The only thing that SEOs need to do is to regularly monitor the bing webmaster tools also and keep a track of the rankings of the site on . The Bing WMT also have been relaunced by Microsoft .

According to Bing Webmaster Tools Senior Product Manager Anthony M. Garcia  :

The redesigned Bing Webmaster Tools provide you a simplified, more intuitive experience focused on three key areas: crawl, index and traffic. New features, such as Index Explorer and Submit URLs, provide a more comprehensive view as well as better control over how Bing crawls and indexes your sites. Index Explorer gives you unprecedented access to browse through the Bing index in order to verify which of your directories and pages have been included. Submit URLs gives you the ability to signal which URLs Bing should add to the index. Other new features include: Crawl Issues to view details on redirects, malware, and exclusions encountered while crawling sites; and Block URLs to prevent specific URLs from appearing in Bing search engine results pages.

Read more:

 Hence, it is the right time for SEOs to give equal importance to Google and Bing and thereby ensure presence of their sites on the organic search scene for Google, Yahoo and Bing.

If you have been doing it already then it sure is a win-win situation for you!





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