Thursday, 1 July 2010

Favorite Wordpress Plugins


WordPress is known for is simplicity and ease of use, the CMS platform comes with a wide range of plugins that can be installed and activated. Below we have short-listed a few of our favorite plugins that we use on most of our WordPress sites.



No one likes spam, whether its an email or on a website, especially when you have hundreds of emails to go through in a day, and the last thing you want is spam in your inbox. Akismet checks comments left on your WordPress site and blocks the comments that look like spam.


All in One SEO Pack

This plugin is a Must for any WordPress website, it will help you optimize every single page and post on your blog. The plugin allows you to add, you won Title Tag, Keywords, and Meta Description. By doing this you are avoiding duplicate Meta Details, and also optimizing each page on your site.

This is one of the first plugins we install on any WordPress Website.

You can check out a user guide on how to use All In One SEO efficiently by clicking here.


CKEditor for WordPress

If your one of those that likes to have a good editor that you can do loads of stuff from, and has the look and feel of using Word, then CKEditor for WordPress will give you that. With this editor, you can insert images, videos and much more direct into your post.


Contact Form 7

Ever wanted to have a form on your Wordpress Blog, by installing this plugin, you can create your own form and customize it how you want, even add a CAPTCHA into your form.

A Good plugin to have for your contact us page.


DB Cache

DB Cache is great plugin and tool to make your website load and work faster for your users. Everyone’s experience a website loading slow, and taking its time to navigate from one page to another, by installing DB Cache your site uses less disk space and chases every database query.


Flickr Photo Album

If you have images and galleries that you would like to display on your WordPress site, you can install a Flicker photo album, and fetch the images from your photo account. This was your images are not stored directly on your server, which is usefull if you have a limit on your hosting space, and also great way to manage your photo albums in flicker.


Google XML Sitemaps

Another MUST plugin for every WordPress site, this plugin will save you the time in creating and submitting a sitemap after every post. Install this plugin and it will take care of everything. Google XML Sitemap creates an XML sitemap, which helps all major search engines to crawl your site easier.


Login LockDown

With Login LockDown you can add some extra security to your login page, if someone attempts to login and fails after a number of attempts, this plugin will block that IP from accessing your site.



MobilePress will turn your WordPress site to user friendly mobile website. More and more websites are being access through mobiles, by having this feature, your attracting a wider audience to your blog, and giving them the flexibility to access your website from their smart phone.


Post to Twitter

Link your blog to your Twitter account with Post To Twitter. Every time you publish a blog post, it will tweet that article for you on twitter. Saving you time to do it manually.


Subscribe To Comments

Most readers like to leave a comment after they have read something, but then forget where they left the comment, if they wanted to come back to see further responses. With this plugin, your visitors can subscribe to the comments they have left on a particular post.


Backup Buddy

Have you ever lost all your important files, data, images...Terrible feeling, the last thing you want is loosing your WordPress Site, the time and effort gone into it. With Backup Buddy, it gives you the peace of mined, and does the backing up for you automatically.


Above are some of our main plugins that we normally download, you can search and view all the WordPress Plugins by clicking here.


Let us know your favorite Wordpress Plugin by leaving a comment below.

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