Thursday, 22 July 2010

Google Adwords Pros & Cons


One of the main places users search for something that they are looking for, is on Google. It’s become like second nature to look online for something you’re looking for. Search engines have changed our habits of looking in directories and yellow pages. As you can find exactly what you want, quicker and easier online and also have more choice.  Google has made it extremely easy for users to find and search for relevant things.

On the other side Google has attracted much business to start advertising on their search pages in the sponsored links sections. (Google Adwords).

So what is Google Adwords?
Google Adwords is a pay per click tool, which allows you to create adds to be displayed on the sponsored sections of Googles search pages. Google Adwords started approximately 10 years ago, to help business grow their business online, and to generate quality traffic for their websites.

How does Google Adwords work?
Google Adwords works in a way, where the advertiser creates an ad campaign, by registering at:, and selecting a set of keywords that he would like to bid for, along with assigning a daily budget, that they are willing to pay for their campaign on a daily biases. Once your happy with you ad, keywords, and your budget, your add would be displayed on search results in the sponsored area, usually within minutes of being approved. When a user clicks on your ad your account will be charged for that keyword.



·       By setting up your Adwords campaign you’re exposing your business to a large audience. Taking your business online within minutes.

·       You can get instant targeted traffic to your website instantly, so once your website goes live to generate some visitors, while your organic listing get improved, you can start with an Adword campaign.

·       You only get charged for when someone clicks on your ad. So you only pay for what gets used. To make your campaign worthwhile and visible, you want it to be position high and in a visible location, for which you need to bid more for the keywords, so the more you’re willing to spend, the more visible your adword would appear above others.

·       With Adwords you get full flexibility to manage your campaign, you can pause and start your campaign at your own leisure.  You also have the flexibility to set in what countries and languages you want your ad to display, along with adjusting your keywords, and daily budgets.


·       You have limited space to display you add, your given three lines, with fixed characters, for your ad to be displayed. You have to impress your visitor with the words you display in this refined space.

·       Your competitors with a larger budget may over rank your campaign, as they have the financial backing of paying more for keywords, and their daily budget may be higher.

·       You would need to have some basic knowledge on keywords and how keywords work, along with basic knowledge on Pay Per Click.

·       Not all of the web users usually click on sponsored links.


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