Sunday, 11 July 2010

How do I get my website at the top of search results?

How do I get my website at the top of search results? A question I get asked nearly every other day.

But what is the trick on achieving high ranking in Search Engine results, as there are so many websites on the World Wide Web, and thousands of new websites being launched every other day. Looking at the statistics of websites and the competition, achieving high ranking in search results can seem nearly impossible.

There are two ways your website can rank high in search engines.

  1. Pay Per Click Campaign (PPC)

Setting up a Pay Per Click Campaign such as Google Adwords, can get you to the top of search engines quickly, normally within hours.  With PPC, you bid on certain keywords, which you then get charged when someone clicks on your link that appears in sponsored section of page results. PPC is like paying for your visitors to come into your shop to come and see what you have to offer. If done properly can be extremely fruitful, and if you’re not on top of the campaign, you can end up spending a lot of unnecessary money on it.

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

You can optimise your website pages with your targeted keywords to achieve high ranking in search engines. There are certain guidelines you can follow, and its best to seek specialist advice and consult a SEO specialistto do you SEO Campaign. SEO is a slightly longer process, but I would say it would work out more beneficial in building your business brand as your site starts to rank naturally in search engines for your chosen keywords.

So there are two ways you can achieve success in Search Engine Results, PPC & SEO. Both processes have one thing in common, which is choosing keywords for your campaign. One gives you results straight away, but at a cost, and the other gives you natural results within search engines, which is much better for the business and also for your company brand. Both campaigns can be working together if you prefer, also most business sometimes, start with Pay Per Click campaign, while there natural Search Engine Optimisation results start to show naturally within search results.  It is extremely important you choose the right keywords which are related to your business.

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