Thursday, 15 July 2010

Interview with Sopabox Clothing Online Retailers

We recently had a chat with Daniel isles founder of the Soap Box Clothing, an online retailing store based in Birmingham, UK. We discussed how Alrayes helped in the early stages of getting his business of the ground, and tip and advise for any new online retailers. 


Could you provide a bit of information about yourself and how you came up with the idea of

Hi, My name is Daniel and I would probably say that I am an illustrator, although I practice in other areas of art & design. The idea for SoapBox was basically an opportunity for me to express myself more creatively.


What made you chose Alrayes as your web solutions company, you being a high level graphic designer your self?

Although I know a little about web and have created my own sites in the past I needed someone that could deliver something a little more complex with advanced features and I felt Alrayes had the skills to do so once we had the consultation to find out exactly what I needed.


Alrayes built a bespoke e-commerce solution for you, based on your design work, how did you find this worked with your customers and user experience?

I think this worked really well because Alrayes had developed a website based on a custom design and the communication was great because we never at one point lost track on the project and I think that shows because of the reaction from customers about the ease of use for shopping on our website.


How did you promote and build awareness of your new e-business when you first started?

The website was our main promotion for the brand, so I would say this was the catalyst for everything because we were attending a lot of shows and events at the time, and the question that always came up was 'have you got a website? So it was a no brainier really, we had to have web presence.


The fashion industry is always changing, and growing, how do you keep up with your customer’s demands?

Everything we offer is in limited numbers so we will be forever playing this game I’m afraid (laughs). But we have a few surprises for those that want a few re-releases on certain items. 


Recently we have noticed an increase in your social networking profiles, how important is networking in an online business?

Networking for a online business is a must, I think it is very important simply because you need people to see you and know that you are there. We are constantly active on our Twitter and Facebook, along with our blog.

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What are the top 3 tips, you would give someone setting up an online e-commerce solution?

1. Keep it simple and don’t over complicate things.

2.  Make things easy to find, with minimum clicks between your visitor and information.

3.  I know this may sound a bit weird, but make sure you got content as content is king.

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