Monday, 12 July 2010

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010


We’re happy to announce that we’re now offering hosted email packages built on Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.

All packages include:


•    Free Microsoft Outlook 2010
•    Access to your email via Outlook or Outlook Web Access
•    Mobile access (including iPhone, Windows Mobile and iPad support)
•    Enterprise level virus and spam protection.


You can upgrade your webmail account to Microsoft Exchange server by Contacting us. Our Hosting Company will manage your emails for you to ensure that its safe and secure.


By upgrading to Microsoft Exchange server, you can benefit from:


Anywhere Access: You and your employees can access your emails, calendars and contacts from anywhere, all you need is an internet connection. If your running a business thats mobile, this is a perfect solution to ensure you stay in touch with your business while your on the move.


Improve Productivity: With Microsoft Exchange server, it makes it easier for you to share data, documents, and calendar on the move.


Protection: Microsoft Exchange server, comes with added protection to help you reduce spam and viruses, and to ensure your emails are confidential.


Integration and Sync: Best of all by, upgrading to Microsoft Exchange server, all of your data is synchronized, which makes it easier to manage all of your work, you are not faced with duplicate emails, in your Computer, Mobile phone, laptop, or any other device. All of the data is sync accordingly. If you update or delete something on your computer, your laptop and mobile phone will also be updated.





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