Monday, 26 July 2010

Not having correct keywords on your website

Not having the correct keywords on your website, can impact your search engine results. Sometimes website owners get overwhelmed with the design of their new website, they forget the importance of having the correct keywords on their website.

We earlier mentioned about choosing the right keywords for your website, today I’m going to focus on the effects of not having keywords on your site or having the wrong keywords on your website.

Choosing incorrect keywords is one of the common Search Engine Optomisation (SEO) mistakes a business owner normally makes, sometimes even experience experts get it wrong and target the wrong keyword for the website which has an effect on the bottom line of the business.

Example, a business owner has just launched their website, and makes a list of keywords that he would like his business website to rank for. The list is not thought very well, and it’s basically the first words that come to mind, that he wishes, his website would rank well for. At the end he has a list of more which looks like his goals or wish list of his dream keywords, of what he wishes he could achieve, and it’s not a realistic list. As no research has gone into it and no realistic keywords are selected.

Some of the common mistakes & effects

-       Too Popular Keywords:  Selecting keywords, that are general and extremely popular, will result in carrying out extensive work on your side, sometimes, the keywords with high rakings, get the rankings they have though time and experience, a new business just launching on line, will not rank for top rated keywords overnight, you will have to work your way to the top, and earn the top position. So it’s best to start of with keywords and rankings that are more realistic and achievable within your niche.

-       Choosing broad keywords: every business’s dream is to rank for their most common keywords on the first page of Google. So if your keyword is too broad, eg: cars, then achieving the right traffic and results for that particular keyword can become quite a task. It’s best to narrow down the keywords to exactly what you offer, also known as long-tailed keywords eg if your selling second hand cars in Manchester, your keyword could be: “second hand cars Manchester” Manchester second hand cars” something along these lines. This will bring more quality visitors to your site and in return turn in to real business.

-       Increase in bounce rate: Once your website starts ranking for wrong keywords, you might start getting visitors to your website, but the visitors will be not looking for your product or service, and move away from your website quicker then they came, in resulting in high bounce rate for the website. That’s why it’s important to have targeted keywords so you get relevant traffic to your website, and your website ranks well for searchers that are suitable for your business.

Keywords brings traffic to your website, the last thing you want is after building your perfect website that the wrong type of traffic comes to your website, or no traffic at all from keywords searchers. So it’s best to take some time out during the development of your website, and also on regular bases to search for relevant keywords for your website, to ensure you get the quality traffic you want to achieve. 

Not having correct keywords on your website

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  1. WebPro Technologies26 July 2010 at 23:37

    Targeted traffic is the focus for any SEO campaign and truly said selecting the right keywords is the key to the success  of any SEO or PPC campaign.
    The search patterns of the searchers have also become specific hence the shift is towards long tail keywords and more location specific searches.
    Everybody talks about having the right keywords. Good to read what happens when you select the wrong keywords. 

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