Sunday, 11 July 2010

Search Engines And Search Engine Marketing A Boon For SMEs

A decade ago if a small business enterprise aimed for global presence it had to follow the traditional way of marketing by working out an advertising strategy and have a hefty budget allocated to spread the word about the company and make the company logo visible on an international platform.

But, with the world wide web reaching to every nook and corner of the globe, for every SME (with a website or without a website) reaching out on the global market is affordable and just a click  away.

Thanks to the search engines, their search algorithms and their various search options. Now a days search engines have many options on which your business can have a presence on. For eg. Videos, blogs, discussions, news, books, shopping, images, maps, updates.

So, when I say you need not have a website – (though this is not recommended) as having a website will surely make your position on the web more secure by giving you an identity via your domain name.

But in case your business is new and you are still trying out various options of products to deal in and cannot workout the right content for your website and the apt domain name then you can start having a presence on the web in the following ways:-

  • Add your company details on Google and Bing maps for local search.

  • Upload videos on with proper titles and description tags.

  • Have a flickr account to upload images about your product and company.

  • Comment on your product related blogs.

  • Have social media accounts on facebook and twitter. As the posts and tweets get listed on the updates section for real time results which can surely offer a platform for a global presence.

But, if you have a website and a well optimized one for the search engines then you have a better chance of targeted traffic and more presence on the web as a result of search engine rankings.

So, the easiest way to launch your company globally is to have a strategy and plan for the online presence and a person dedicated to keep on making this presence more and more qualitative and informative.

Search engine marketing includes all the above mentioned ways of having an online presence. Ideally a presence on all the search options is the best way to establish an identity on the net. But you can work out what you want to start with keeping in mind your products, advertising budget, the long term business goals, etc.

Get started now else call us for a no obligation discussion on what is the best web marketing option for your business.


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