Monday, 12 July 2010

The Future Of Search: Real Time Search Or Traditional Search

The search industry is on the threshold of a massive  change .

Change is  the only constant  thing in life but this very constant thing  is the main reason for all the upheavals and downslides occurring in any field.

The search industry is as we all know,  runs on  search engines  and currently the dominant one is Google. We are so used to going to Google and searching . But lately the search patterns of the people have changed . They have become more specific and more social oriented. The web behavior recently has also changed as we see an exponential increase in the number of people joining the social media sites . People on social media sites are conversing with each other, sharing links, sharing news and views,  etc.

As there is an increase in sharing of information people are constantly trying to find and are trying to  join real time conversations going on the web to gain knowledge and insight about the topics they are interested in.

When  the numbers on social media are so high obviously  there is a lot of noise there . The challenging task is how to filter out the value based conversations as per your interest.

Live Search Results


Hence, the element of search cannot be kept away from social media posts and tweets  either. The search engines have already added the real time option in their search results. But as the volume of real time search is increasing the integration of this aspect of search into the traditional search page results is just not enough.

Hence the concept of search sites totally dedicated to real time conversations is taking seed on the web for e.g  . 

As mentioned on their site , Cascaad is a new generation social dashboard centered around your interests. Cascaad helps you discover the personally relevant developments in your world by continuously distilling what your friends and millions more are discussing on Twitter and elsewhere into noteworthy stories, things and places that match your specific interests and social circles

With these developments on the web , as website owners who are interested in having qualitative web presence for their business cannot rule out the option of having a presence on the social media sites also.

Hence, in order to future proof the web presence for your business  - social media optimization along with search engine optimization is very much essential and necessary.

Bing calls its search as a decision engine, Cascaad is calling its search as a discovery engine, Google is still the dominant search engine. With all these claims and developments  only time can tell how the search industry will shape up and how search patterns of people will take shape.

But, one thing is for sure all the netizens ,  whether on the social web or the search sites want to SEARCH, DISCOVER and DECIDE.

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