Monday, 19 July 2010

Things to consider when setting up online business.

So what are the things to take into consideration?

What are you looking to achieve?
Everyone wants a website, but you need to figure out what you want your website for, what is the website going to do for you and your company, is it to give out information about your company, products, or services, or are you setting up a website to increase a an avenue to generate income for the business. Whatever your goals are, it’s best to keep them at the top of your mind. As if you know your goal, your design, development, and also the launch and marketing of your website would become easier and smoother.

What you want to display on your website?
Many know that they want to have a website, but don’t know what to put onto the website. You should clear picture of what you want to display on your website, is it your products, or do you want to display your blog posts where you portray your thoughts. What sort of products are you looking to display, and how you want to display your products, whether it is as gallery showcase or an e-commerce solution? 

Accepting Payments Online
Many online business start-up by using a free service such as PayPal, or Google Checkout, and some go for a bespoke Payment Gate Way solution. You should consider how you want your customers to pay you. Take a look at our article about “Accept Card Payments on Your Website”.

Many companies and new websites, sometimes get overwhelmed with the look and the feel of the design, they put most of their attention into the graphics and the design of the website, that they forget the main purpose of why they are having a website. The design of the website needs to be fresh, user friendly, and also needs to be in a way the site would load up fast. The more graphics you have and heavy you make your deign, the longer the website will take to load up in the browsers. Each and every website is different and the requirements are different, and the design should reflect the website’s objective, the companies focus, and also be useable by everyone.

Where would you be hosting the website? In the planning of your website brief, you should take into mind, were you want your website hosted. Is it going to be hosted on your home computer (not recommended) or would you be purchasing a shared web hosting space from a professional hosting company, or maybe you website would require a dedicated server hosting? Whichever hosting solution you go for, you should ensure that the hosting service can manage your website, the features and functionality it has to offer is right for your website and company.

Just like writing up a business plan for your company, marketing your website, should also be in your plan. How are you going to promote your website? Is it going to be though word of mouth, through your own networking group, or are you going to hire a PR company to market your website or even a search engine specialist to optimise your website to achieve high ranking. Whichever it may be, once your website is live, you need visitors. Just like a normal high street shop, if you don’t let anyone know about your presence, no one will come. There are many ways of marketing your website from, offline marketing to social media and search engine marketing, check out our article on “Ways of Promoting Your Website”.

Above are some of the factors you should consider when taking your business online. If the above are done correctly, you’re giving your website the best online start, and building it on a strong foundation.

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  1. I am not exactly the best one to talk about this probably as I am not one that often followed this rule. But I did have a situation occur that made me realize how important it really is and that yes something can happen to me too. Not that I believed nothing would happen to me or my computer, I just didn't think like it would if that makes sense. When you work at home, you use your computer for a lot if not everything. It is important to be able to access all of the important stuff about your business or whatever job you work at home doing.

    This isn't a major catastrophe for me since most of my stored info on my computer was mostly pictures that I have on other devices such as cameras and cell phones, but it is a bit of a headache still. I have stuff on one of my laptops that I cannot get now and tho not as important as some people may have, I have files of information I was going to blog about.

    I now know the importance of backing up!! My newer computer completely died on Black Friday. Yup just shut down and no power, no lights, nothing. I have heard of some great places online to store information, but I am not sure what ones to recommend yet since I have not tried any yet. I am still working on collecting everything and remembering things that were on my computer. I should be able to have the data extracted if it is not the hard drive that is damaged.