Tuesday, 20 July 2010

What Makes a Good Logo?


Have you wondered what makes a good logo? What should a logo look like, and what qualities should a logo have along with the importance of it.

A logo is a unique identity of our organization, it is what makes your company stand out from other. When designing and creating a logo, take the below things into consideration, and you could have a winning formula for your logo.

-       Use of logo: decide how the logo will be used, will it just be on the web, or printed on stationery, or is it for printing on uniforms, and clothes, or even cars and advertising boards. Have a clear picture of where and how the logo will be used, as this will help the designer in designing the logos, and the effects of the logo.

-       Unique: Make sure that the logo is unique, and not a copy of another company logo. Sometimes you might like a logo of company, and when you come to designing your logo, you have just copied all the aspects of the other logo. Not only this gives a bad impression on your company, but you could also be stepping on copyright laws. Its best to come up with a fresh new concept.

-       Memorable: Ensure that your logo is easy to remember. Don’t over power your logo with the design effects. Your logo should be simple and should be easy to remember at a glance. Some of the major house holds names have logos that are extremely simple but very effective, and stay in the viewer mind just by looking at it once.

-       Color Schemes: Chose a color scheme that matches your companies image, don’t have too many colors, id say no more then 4 colors should be used. Test different colors, and see which one works well before finalizing your logo.

-       Slogan: You might want to consider of having a slogan as part of your logo. Choose a slogan that’s short and catchy.

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