Monday, 9 August 2010

Can SEO work for Small Business?


Many small business such as Barber Shops, Beauty Salons, Local Stores, get confused about having a website for their business.  The business they operate is locally and many are under the impression that websites are for the larger companies and enterprises. 

A local small business can benefit from a website in many ways, of course the type of website that they would build would be to target the local audience.  All business's advertise in their local directories, such as Yellow Pages, and 118 118, along with many other directories. By having a website is no different, your actually increasing the ways your customers can find you.

Example 1:
If I was looking for a telephone number for my local restaurant to book a table, or trying to find out a number of a local store, rather than looking into the Yellow Pages, I would search for them online. If they had a website i would find them easily, and most probably the answer to what I'm looking for would be on their website, a restaurant would normally have a book a table form on their site. Which would save me time going there to see them, or even save me time calling them up. It can all be done within minutes. If i did wanted to call them i would have their number on the website, which would be easily accessible to me.

Example 2:
Its Friday night and I'm feeling a Chinese, what I'd do is go online, type in "Chinese Restaurants in Birmingham", and the search engine would bring me a list of all the Chinese restaurants  locally that have a website. Magic, if you had a website, most probably you would have been on the list, and a good chance I would have ate at your restaurant.

So by having a website, your giving opportunity for your local searchers to find you online easily, which would then turn into business for you. Your website for your local store does not need to be a huge website with all advance features and cool stuff on it. It can be as basic and simple as you want it to be, to keep costs down.

A typical local business website would look more like a brochure/ leaflet. I'd put everything you have on your leaflet onto your website. If you're a restaurant, your menu, opening and closing times, and your address would be on your site.

Things to have on your local website.

- Home Page:  This will be your main page your visitors would come to, include a nice picture of your shop front and inside so when visitors see your website and your shop they can relay to it. I would also have a telephone  number displayed on this page, along with your address. So your visitor can easily open your home page, and has everything he needs to contact you.

About Us  or Services Page: A simple page that describes your services, what you offer, and what you do. A restaurant could have their menu on this page, a Beauty salon could maybe have their price list on this page, or even a gallery of your portfolio.

Contact Us Page:  Again a straight forward page, with your contact details, telephone numbers, address, and maybe you can also include a map of how to get their or integrate Google Maps into this page.

That's all a local business website would require to have a web presence. By having the above three pages optomised for your business, your opening up your business to a larger audience, and attracting new business, along with making sure that your found able in local searches.

So how would you optomised your site for local searches?
Firstly you can contact us we have a perfect package that will optomise your website for local search results.

Secondly, when designing and building your website, ensure that you have good quality content on your website, something that you have done yourself, and not copied from other websites.
Ask your developer to use Keywords in the Title Tag, Meta tags and also in the Alt Tags of your website, along with submitting a site map.

These are the basics to ensure that search engines and users can find your website, if your looking for advance search engine marketing you will need to contact and SEO Consultant such as us, that will explore the way to market your website online.

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