Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Google’s Real Time Search & Google Alerts

Monitor  The Latest Social Media  Buzz Stream  Without Any Uwanted Noise 


Google started with the Real Time Search results sometime in last December and has been updating and improving this feature regularly. The preference  of searchers shows a shift   from the library search to the real time search. All these results are from blogs, twitter conversations, news and other social media sites. Google presents the search under the UPDATES options available on the LHS of the Google search results page.

As the options of search increase it is becoming more and more important to have a presence of your brand on all the search options available. Hence, every brand today needs to have a blog, a Twitter presence, a Facebook page, and a social bookmarking and RSS feeds option on their sites.

Today its all about sharing content, interacting  with the visitors to your site, exchanging information and  being available for any after sales comment made by your existing customer.

If your online presence of your brand is not being felt on the real time search then you are disappearing on the invisible web. Assure your visibility of your brand on the web by having a strong social media presence.

Google Alerts makes it possible and easy to monitor the conversations and buzz . Once you create an alert for your brand or any other topic you want to keep yourself updated with, you keep on getting the stream of the real time search for that straight in your inbox. This way you can monitor your online reputation and also keep yourself updated about the latest development and your competitor too.

This can help you to monitor the social media free of cost instead of paying hefty amounts for the social media tracking software per month. Real Time Search Results

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