Friday, 13 August 2010

Having a Video on your website

More and more business are adapting to posting videos about their company profile, products and even customers testimonials onto their websites. So what is the reason that every day we see videos popping up all over the web, approximately every minute 15 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube. That’s amazing figures.

Firstly to generate a video file, and to make a simple singing and dancing video has become much easier, there are many programs and products one can purchase, and start recording and editing their video within minutes.

Secondly for business there is also a good SEO advantage of having videos and posting video articles online. Google back in 2007 started to index videos, which means that when you post a video online, Google can search the video and the website easily and display them in search results. Which improves the overall chance of your website being found for certain keywords, all part of "making your presence known." Now days when you do a search for more or less anything,  the first page results will normally have a mixture of websites, images, and now also videos have also started to being listed in search results.

So what are the major benefits of business having a video on your website.

User Experience:  Users are becoming more and more lazy, that the truth, we rather watch something then read a whole page of text. By having a video on your site, your giving your website a more visual appeal. It's a good way of capturing visitors in seconds. When a user comes onto your website, and  views a video, they will take time to watch it till the end (if you keep it interesting). If you get it right, it can be a good way of reducing the bounce rate of your website.

Personal Touch:  Words can say more than text, its easier to show a way that a certain product works, or present something to your visitors though a video. Also your users can see you, and it will create a more personal experience, as they will be able to see your passion and emotions.

SEO: Videos will also help you in your SEO campaign, as videos have become popular, search engines have also adapted into a way that they can index video sites. When you have a video on your site, you can submit it to your sitemap, and you can submit and bookmark your videos on social networking profiles, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook also has a way you can submit and post videos on your profile wall.

Impressive:  impress your new visitors, by having a wow factor. Video besides looking cool they can also help with the image and the branding of your organisation. You don't have a traditional video, you can have a flash presenter that walks on to your screen, and starts talking and interacting with your customers.

What you can include on your video

You can basically have a video about anything, below are some topics or options you have :

Company Profile:  This can actually replace the traditional about us page of your website, you can mention about your company, your history, services, and future of the organisation.

General Tour of the company: This can be a video about your company again, but in away where you show your  visitors different departments, and more like a tour of the company.

Testimonials: You can ask your clients and customers to leave you a video feedback about the services you have offered. Which you can display on your website as case studies.

Products:  Some e-commerce websites have started doing this, where they record a video for each product or their main feature products, and have a quick demo video showing how that product works, or quick video presentation about the product. This video doesn't need to be long, between 40-60 seconds would be perfect.

Portfolio: You could display and present your portfolio in a video format such as below:



These are some of the ideas of what you can have a video about on your website. You can be as creative as you want, once you start you would want to keep enhancing your videos, and keep doing more and more videos.

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