Wednesday, 25 August 2010

I have a Company Website. Should I Have A Blog Too?


A blog is an online journal which needs to be updated  with regular posts . It is one of the social media platforms, which allow you to voice your opinion and share information.  Unlike your company website the company blog needs to be updated on a regular basis. There is no point in having a blog, which is not updated with regular posts.

Blogs are by large the strongest medium for social interaction with the total control in your hands.  Anyone can start a blog using blogger or the WordPress platform, which have a very user-friendly interface. In fact the real estate that a blog provides you to upload text, images and video is not available on any social media platforms. As most of the other social media are micro blogging conversational type of interfaces.

We have always seen that the preferences of the people as regards social media is varied and keeps on changing sometimes we see MySpace being more popular and in the recent times there is a shift of preference to Twitter an Facebook. But once you maintain and update a good blog with a voice of your own then that becomes a constant social media presence for your company with a unique identity.

Every company seriously interested in having a qualitative web presence needs to share and interact with the visitors via comments keeping the element of openness and honesty intact and at the same time have the flexibility and control to handle spam and other negative outcomes as a result. All this is possible only through a blog, which is managed and updated regularly.

Apart from the benefits discussed above, the blog also has additional SEO benefits for your website. Blogs if hosted on the same domain as the domain of your company as a sub folder or a sub domain and linking your main domain from the blog add up to the content of your website. Since,’(FRESH) Content Is King’ of the SEO world it surely boosts the SEO friendliness of your site with the search engines.

When we talk about regular updating or adding fresh content and information – The main question is how frequently the blog should be updated?

Regarding this it is important to note that ideally the blog should be updated daily at least once but both the quantity and quality of the posts are of vital importance. Quality surely precedes quantity, as the quality traffic will be directly proportional to the quality posts.

Business Blog

In short, having a blog is essential due to the following benefits:

1.    The ease of adding new and fresh content  and manage content through the CMS .

2.    The ease of interacting with the visitors via comments.

3.    The ability to control spam and reject what is not needed.

4.    The user friendliness of Blogger and WordPress to categorize posts, offer RSS feeds, monetize the blog by adding Adsense.

5.    Have a design and navigation according to your choice.

6.    Notify the search engines for every new post uploaded.

7.    Now, with the in-built feature of PUBSUBHUBUB  the post is made available to the search engines as soon as it is uploaded so it gets indexed in the search engines ASAP  and this is  a great added advantage.

8.    Search engines also have a separate search option for blogs. Hence, if you have a blog your company can have a chance of having a presence on that option also.

9.    Last but not the least, links are the key on the web today with which the whole web is inter-connected. Blogs offer this platform too, as every new post you have generates an unique SEO friendly URl which can further be tweeted or posted and at the same time this very platform offers the possibility of getting inbound links.

Hence, no company interested in having a valuable Internet presence can underestimate the power of blogs.

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