Thursday, 5 August 2010

New Website Launched - Deria Group


We are proud to announce the launch of Deria Group website, Alrayes have been working with the Deria Group for over the past couple of months, on various projects, and this is the first of many corporate website designprojects that are due to be launched for Deria Group this year.

Our team of designers and developers worked closely with Deria Group to accomplish the site according to their requirements, detailed care was taken on every aspect, to ensure that Deria Group had the finished product as they required.

About Deria Group

Deria Group is a business and technology consulting firm helping companies, governments and people explore extraordinary opportunities to identify optimal revenue opportunities and manage sustainable growth.

We have now also started to work on the corporate branding of their organization, from business cards to leaflets, and other marketing campaigns.

We are excited about working with Deria Group, and looking forward to the launch of other projects in the pipeline.

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