Monday, 30 August 2010

Social Media – The Next Evolution In The Field On Online Marketing

All these years, right from the time the Internet became accessible to the civilians – the marketers whose main purpose and first and foremost focus is to reach out to as many people as possible at one go have been experimenting with the online media. Social media marketing

In early 2000, we saw the boom of banner Ads. By which Yahoo made a fortune. Banner ads. Surely gave a boost to the online presence of brands that had hefty online advertising budgets. But soon lost its charm, when Google announced its PPC program and these very companies shifted to PPC and SEO for the more targeted and cost effective option of reaching out to people on the WWW.

No doubt PPC gives you instant visibility on the net. SEO in fact gives you an added benefit of creating links and footprints on the net, which give a long lasting search engine presence along with the benefit of targeted traffic of PPC, though it is not instant but is achieved gradually.

Now, in 2010 the online social scene has changed and people use the social media sites for personal and professional interactions. So, if the people whom you want to reach are on Facebook and Twitter then your brand too needs to have its presence felt on these sites.

Hence, keeping the current scenario in mind your brand needs to have a voice and outreach, which only can be found on these social media sites. But again, as in case of SEO the presence gets built with time, the social media presence also needs to be nurtured by having a right approach and by interacting with a lot of sense, sensibility and humane approach rather than having automated sales and promotional messages.

 Social media is about connecting and relating to people. As a good salesman or the floor manager guides you in a mall if you are looking for something but getting confused with their display or the features of the product, similarly this social media gives the voice to your brand online to outreach to a potential customer or reach out to an existing customer and give the necessary information. As this media is an ideal platform for marketing, sales and after sales service. 

During the era of banner ads. Also people were seeking information about what they were finding online, when searching on the search engines also people are seeking information.

Social media also offers information to the info hungry netizens but in an interactive and an open way, which ensures fairness to both the parties involved.

Search and social media are getting integrated and search engines have options for real time search too. Hence, SEO is something, which cannot be ruled out even if you have a social media presence, as search engines are the primary source for library search for local and global brands.

The ideal online marketing plan should try to incorporate the best of all the online options available.

See that your brand is found where your potential customer is looking for the products or services offered by your company. The Search engines and The Social Media.

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