Monday, 16 August 2010

The SEO Process Needs Time To Show Results


SEO is the process of working on the website so that the site ranks high for the targeted keywords. SEO is one of the aspects of web marketing and it is also the most important criteria of reaching out on the web as the majority of the people come to know about your site through the search engines.

Search industry is growing multifold and people are also using the power of search for gaining more and more information through the search engines.  Hence getting your site optimized for search engines is something that never be neglected keeping the current scenario in mind.

But, usually when people finalize the SEO contract with an SEO company they expect the site to start getting ranked  in a short span of time but actually that is not possible. Every SEO campaign has to be handled individually keeping in mind the competitiveness of the keywords, the content on the site, the past footprints of the website on the web and the site needs to be analyzed from the search engine perspective  also.

The search engines have algorithms for ranking the sites and any website in order to get indexed optimally and have generic as well as specific keyword rankings needs time and focused SEO effort.

The site may start getting ranked for a few generic and location specific keywords in one or two months after the initial indexing  but for generic keywords it takes time and ideally the true SEO benefits are achieved by any site after at least  one year’s time.

As SEO is like establishing a business on the web and as offline when a business is established it takes time for the WOM to get generated and goodwill of the business to get established similarly establishing your presence on the search engines requires time as the success of any SEO campaign depends on many on page and off page factors.

The web is constantly evolving and there are innumerable websites being  added and optimized daily. The search engines have programs called bots which visit your site to read the code and correlate your website with the related keywords. They can do this in installments and periodically, hence it takes time for the full website to get indexed and thereby get ranked.

Moreover, it requires constant monitoring of the site so that it gets ahead in the right direction for the targeted keywords. SEO is a process and the search engine presence goes on becoming richer just like old wine if the site is regularly updated with fresh content in the form of images, text, videos, blog posts, references, etc. If the on page and off page factors are taken care of ethically keeping in mind the algorithms of the search engines then surely it may take some time for the rankings to appear on the search engines but surely the rankings will have the potential of lasting for a long time and the constant presence on the search engines will surely generate an online reputation of faith and reliability for the site.

Hence, if you are interested for a long term qualitative presence on the search engines then please have the patience as the SEO process needs constant analysis, monitoring, tweaking of the website. Compare the SEO to a marathon and  not  to a small time race.


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