Monday, 27 September 2010

How a Good Case Study Can Help Your Business

Normally when users are looking for products to purchase or services to buy or subscribe, they do a bit of background reaches, in trying to find out more about the product. I do this all the time, try to find some reviews, testimonials, and cases studies of such products, before diving straight into it, and getting my hands burnt.

And some times you come across a case study on how such a product has helped this person or business, and everything has gone perfectly, which works very well, and 9-10 times you end up buying the product, because we have read a recommendation in the case study.

What is a Case Study?website case study

A case study is basically a problem that has been resoled by you offering your services to a client. It should be something that would benefit and interested others, and help you promote your products and services.

How can Case Study Help?

If you’re an online business or even a store, your visitors have come to your site (shop) for a reason, they are looking for something, something genuine, and f a good quality, they have probably surfed 10 other sites and products before they got to yours, and this is your chance to capture them. They know what the product does, and what they want, but they just want that little bit more of an assurance. By having a real life case study on your website, they can go directly to it, and read what others have to say about your service’s, how they benefited, and what good it has done to them. This adds a real value to your service and products, and there’s no better way of advertising then word of mouth. Now your visitor has read the recommendation of the other company, they are more likely to buy off you, and to give you the business, as they have seen how you have helped solve the other companies problems with your solution.

How to write a case study for your online business

A case study should be a project or a solution that you have provided for one of your customers (having someone else’s case study on your website will not work). It should be structured well from start to beginning explaining, below is a good case study format to follow:

- What the client had before, or what problems they were encountering,

- How they found you, and what made them choose your company or service to help them in this situation,

- How you assisted them, and what service you provided,

- After they bought your product / service how this has benefited them and what result they have got from this

You may also like to include some extra information and points in your case study to make it more readable and attractive such as:

-       Images of before and after

-       General Images

-       Video presentation,

-       You may do the whole case study on a video,


Case studies work in a similar way as testimonial pages, but an in-depth testimonial, it shows everything behind the scenes to get that good testimonial. A case study is a good page to have on your website to give your readers an insight of how you operate your business, and how you interact and deal with customers problems, and also as motioned above, it might just be the little push (assurance J) that your visitor may need to buy your product.

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  1. Yes, a case study is a testimonial with a proof.