Wednesday, 8 September 2010

How Google Instant will Change Search


Earlier today Google announced their new search feature Google Instant, a faster way of searching the web with just typing your keywords into the search box. Prior to the launch Google has been giving us hints and tips by playing around with their logo, earlier yesterday we all saw dots that made up the word Google Flying around every time you moved the cursor to it, and later on in the evening we saw the colours change on the Google Logo as you typed something to search.

What is Google Instant

Google instant is a search feature that allows you see your search results instantly (see your results before you type - Magic or what), allowing you to refine your search as your enter your keyword.  Its taking the speed of search results to the next level, showing you more results at a faster speed.  on average search will be shortened by two to five seconds per query - which, given the billions of people who use the service every week, would mean 11 hours of searching saved every second.

How will it change the way we Search

  • We will be able to browse through more search results at a much fast speed

  • It will the top five searches very important, as that the results that will catch users eyes as they are typing their search keyword

  • I guess users will only focus on the first or maybe 2nd page of search results, and other pages will have less importance, as we will be spending more time tweaking around in what we type in the search box, rather then searching though the pages of results.

  • Google Instant will deliver more News  for us to see in less time

  • Well optimised web pages will play a big impact, in terms of Title Tags, And Meta Details

Try out Google Instant now .

Demo of how Google Instant works.

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