Wednesday, 15 September 2010

How to Stream Videos From Your WebCam onto Your Website



As you might have heard YouTube is doing some test with some major accounts to stream live videos though your youtube channel. 


You might be in a situation where you need to stream live videos on your website, but not sure how to go about it, and setting up a full CCTV system with a VPN connection may not be an option for you. You always have the option of using a WebCam that you may have bought for couple of pounds.

Below is a quick guide of what you need and how to go about streaming live videos on your website in a most cost effective way using a webcam.

Why Do I need to Stream Videos? 

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The need to stream video could raise for many reasons

- You may have an office in another location, that you'd might like to view remotely though a secure page on your website, this is the most common reason.

- You might want to start broadcasting your own channel online

-Streaming a video could be used for having a conference with a group of people.

- You could have a camera in your workshop or store, and show your online visitors how your working, or even your customers the progress of their order.

- If you're a holiday company, you could consider streaming you holiday destination live on line.

- You can even use this method to keep an eye on your pets.

The list is endless, and one can use video streaming in any way they prefer.

What I need to stream online?

·       Webcam connected to the computer, you don't need an expensive piece of kit, any webcam would do the job.

·       Microphone, if you also want to stream audio online, again any microphone would work.

·       Video Hosting Solution and program, you need to register with a video hosting company, or ensure that your server can support live streaming. You can register with Camstreams, which gives you free video streaming software for your computer. Once you have setup the program on your computer that you would be streaming from, the software will send your video files to Camstreams, from which you will be able to embed the coding of your video into any website of your

If you are deciding to broadcast online, its best to let everyone in the office know it's being sent online as you never know who's watching you online.

If you have created a video streaming online for your website, let us know your thoughts and feedback.

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