Sunday, 12 September 2010

The Overall Impact Of Google Instant On The Search Scenario


Change is the only constant thing in life and adapting to any productive and creative change is the only way to ensure progress. Google Instant by rolling out different results for every character is surely going to change the way we search. If the way we search is going to be different then understanding the search behavior is a major task, which will be carried out by every company in order to plan and strategize their online presence on Google. Understanding the changes in the search patterns due to the introduction of Google Instant will need actual data that can be collected over a period of time. Hence we have to wait and watch to find out the actual impact. Google Instant and SEO

Google is synonymous to search and Google keeps on improving the search experience of the user and the quality of search results by making their datacenters as efficient as possible. Earlier this year they announced the launch of Google Caffeine, which indexes the web faster, they also had an algorithm change in May this year to focus the long tail keywords. Now in September 2010 Google Instant has been launched. So the changes are many and according to me all these changes are making the search scene smarter than ever before.

Google Instant is all about search results being displayed faster, as fast as the speed of thought. It was even described as ‘search before you type’ or ‘search as you type’, the focus is on speed and the beauty is that the user need not be fast in typing in fact it benefits the person with slow typing speed.

As soon as you type a character the most searched items appear before you which start with that letter so it helps the user to select the word without typing it and while you are typing and selecting the search results are being changed accordingly matching the query in the search box. Google says, 15 technologies and great engineering expertise has been behind achieving this.

But, there are a few speculations, assumptions and predictions which are being made on how Google Instant is going to impact the search results, the search behavior, the SEOs and Google itself as Yahoo had rolled out instant search in 2005 and discontinued it for various reasons.

We saw that search results are faster, this surely is going to have an effect on the patience of the user as when the results are being displayed without any need to navigate further the user starts focusing on the first few results displayed and searches for more queries rather than more results for each query. 

Hence, there will be an increasing need to rank on the first 3 positions. All this will make Google display the most relevant results on Page 1 else it may soon see people switching to other search engines.

 Ironically speed is saving the time, increasing efficiency but making us lose our patience. On the flip side when I see that as the software engineering is changing and evolving the hardware world is also going through a metamorphosis and small, smart and mobile are the keywords ruling the world of handsets which are converging all the technologies in one.

So in the recent future when the laptops too will become extinct and smart phones and IPads will be the only devices used for surfing, searching,  listening to music  ( a must isn’t it just not possible to work without it) , viewing videos, etc. then the search may not be limited to the first 3 as navigation again will be easier and faster on a  touch screen device than a keyboard.

In the IT industry an enhancement in one field leads to an improvement in the other field too as they are all inter-connected.

So, all said and done how can Google Instant mark the death of the SEO industry?  The SEO industry got its origin due to the search engines and will remain as long as search engines are being accessed for search. Yes it marks the end of those SEOs who are not adapting and adhering to the changes and working on improvisations in their methodologies of work, as Google Instant has not changed the rankings or the ranking algorithms.

 Search has always been there since time immemorial, only the techniques and methods of searching have changed. Way back when the Internet was not available people went to libraries to search for information, when the PCs entered every home Encyclopedia CDs were the source of search and now it is the search engines via the Internet.  As long as search engines are being accessed for search the SEO industry is surely going to be very much there and remain alive.

Search Engine Optimization as the term suggests, it refers to the services offered by a company or individual to help the client’s website get an optimum search engine presence and visibility for the relevant searches. Search engines today are not only limited to the rankings of organic search but have many other options like news, videos, images, blogs, updates, books, etc. and the users also conduct relevant searches on those search options hence a good SEO will ensure complete search engine presence for relevant searches and also help  the client company establish a reputed online image and brand in the long run because trying to get good quality back links is also one of the tasks of an SEO .

These links which are linked to your website from other sites surely say a lot about the popularity of the brand and the online reputation of the brand.

So, again we see every aspect is inter-related and right from the time you register your domain your web presence starts making footprints on the web, which will help you in creating an online brand and identity. Hence, more than optimizers the SEO is more of a care taker of your website helping you to put your best foot forward on the web as Matt Cutts mentions in one of his SEO related videos. 

No. Company can assure itself of a quality web presence without the SEO services or without having SEO knowledge themselves.  

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