Friday, 24 September 2010

What Is User Generated Content And How Does It Help Your Website / Blog?

As the term suggests the content generated by the user or the visitor to your website which becomes a part of your web page content is User Generated Content.

262/365In what form is this content generated and why should this be encouraged?
We all know that only quality content of your website or blog is the prime factor which attracts more visitors and reduces the bounce rate by increasing the interest levels. But it is not aneasy proposition for a website owner to come up with fresh content on a regular basis.
Hence once your website gets good rankings and the initial credibility is achieved by the site one of the best ways to keep the website updated with fresh quality content is to make the users upload content in the form of comments, images, videos, guest posts, etc. on the website. This not only adds content but also helps develop a community for that blog where members would like to share their opinions on related topics and start sharing the links on their social media platforms.

Such an option not only enriches the website but also offer additional marketing benefit. But to reach that stage the blog has to be started with a focus on a certain topic or industry enriched with a lot of content by the blog owner by a lot of quality sharing which attracts more eyeballs and active participation.  Once the members of the blog become a community and start sharing information and start discussing via comments and replies then surely the user generated content definitely becomes the main factor of survival and generates good quality in bound links which in turn acts as an insurance for your high rankings on the search engines.

This is the most original form of social media, which can be managed and monitored by you itself.  The only thing that has to be kept in mind is to see that such UGC does not violate the copyright laws.

The main stages of any social media platform which apply in such a scenario too are:

  1. Listening:The first and foremost step is to listen. When your initial comments start coming in you have to acknowledge it by listening and responding to it.

  2. Speaking:You have to start speaking in the sense respond to the content uploaded by the user. This surely makes the user feel welcome and encourages him to post his opinion or share his views again.

  3. Engaging:This stage is reached when there a many regular members and they start communicating and sharing amongst themselves and replies to each other’s queries.

  4. Evangelizing:This is when your users only become your sales people and they start speaking for your product or services.

Once you adopt such a culture in this form of social media then you walk the talk.  To achieve all this is no cakewalk but it requires years of diligence, patience and quality hard work on a regular basis. But once achieved your users only become your brand ambassadors.


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