Wednesday, 8 September 2010

When Will My Blog Start To Help My Online Business?

So you've designed a state of the art blog for your business and launched it online, but things are not going as expected. The traffic is not flying in, so what you do as a blog owner to tweak your blog so that it becomes more beneficial for your visitors, and customers. There are many factors to consider, I'm going to highlight a few starting from the beginning and how to promote your new blog.

Objective and Purpose of my Blog

Before launching any blog or website you need to identify what is your main objective and what are you looking to achieve from your blog, who your audience would be. Your objective could be anything, it might be that you want a platform to raise your opinion and ideas online, or it could be a means of promoting your business and brand to drive in more revenue for the business, or even just a general site proving lots of useful information, that will be useful for your niche market. The first thing you would need to do prior to the launch to have that clear in your mind.

Content of my blog

As we have all head the phrase "content is king", it defiantly applies to your blog, its one of the main reasons that your having a blog is for its content.  you as a blog owner have the responsibility to ensure that your blog is updated frequently with good quality articles, articles that is related to your business, and industry and also articles that your visitors want to read.  If you do not have any good content your visitors will not find your site, and more importantly if they do, they will not return, its important that you keep your visitors coming back.Having pages and pages of good content on your blog will not happen overnight, but we all have to start somewhere, it will take months, and even years, with a lot of hard work, but that's the reason why a business would have a blog, over the years it will become your knowledge base, and even a directory of articles for you, and your customers to refer too.Keeping your blog fresh and updated with new content also has SEO (search engine optimisation) benefits, as search engines like fresh unique content, the more you keep adding content the more frequently search engines will start to crawl your site, and more pages of your website will become indexed.

How often should I update my Blog?

This is a tricky one, as one can become quite overwhelmed and I'd say obsessed in updating content on ones blog, but I'd say, you can add content as frequently possBusiness Blog Promoteible, as long as it's good quality and unique content which one would find useful. Once a day or 2-3 times a week is an ideal time scale, but every business and industry is different. At times you can always invite guest bloggers or others to write an article for you blog, but prior to posting it on your blog proof read the article to make sure it's something that you would like to list on your

blog, as the end of the day your blog is your business voice and reputation, and you don't want something that will affect your company and brand.

Marketing my blog & Generating Traffic

Just like any other business you do need to invest to get some returns (not necessary money, but also investing your time). There are many ways you can promote your blog, just as promoting any business website, below are some methods we find useful and works for most blogs.

Socail Networking

You can integrate your social networking profiles such as Facebook, Twitter and others into your blog, so that when you update your blog, it also informs your social network friends by updating your status. If you have developed your blog using WordPress CMS, you can get ready-made plug-in that will do this for you.Also talk about your blog and articles you are writing on social networking sites, get feedback from your network, and even get them to leave comments and feedbacks on to your articles.

Google Adwords

Setup a Google adwords account for you blog, every time you believe you have posted an outstanding article, and needs that extra exposure, link it to your Google ad words account and promote that article via PPC (pay  per click) campaign.

Email Signatures

This is quite simple and slight way of promoting your blog, have links to your blog or even setup an RSS feed to display the title of your last post. This way every time you send an email your sending out a link for your recipient to potentially click and follow through to the blog.There's a plug-in in Firefox called WiseStamp that allows you to setup your email signature with links, and RSS feeds.


Start to follow other blogs in your niche, that you may find interesting, ane leave comments on their posted articles, start to build you presence, which will show others that you exist. The more you comment on other blogs, and interact with others, the more others will notice your presence, and will start to build traffic towards your own blog.

Search Engine Optimisation

It would be highly beneficial to hire a SEO specialist or a firm to manage your SEO campaign and to ensure that your blogs is fully optimised and it ranks well in generic search results.The above are some of many things you can do to promote your blog online, besides promoting your blog online, you can also consider the traditional offline marketing, and ensure that your blog is on all of your business stationery, and everywhere else where you would have your telephone number, next to it have your website URL or your Blog URL.

Have a look at our Search Engine Optomisation packages and SEO Articles on more info on how to promote your business online.

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