Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Who is an eBay Shop for?


We all know that you can sell partially anything you like on eBay, from second hand household goods, to brand new stuff. Its become a popular place where users will look for bargains, and generally stuff at a discounted rate compared to the general height street store.

Have you ever considered of having an eBay shop, but were unsure if this is for you or not. Well if you have something to sell I would suggest try selling it on eBay, you may not decide to go in for a full shop, maybe basic listing would help to test the waters, and then later on upgrade to a fully functional eBay shop.

Benefits of eBay ShopeBay Shop Design
By using an eBay shop, your tapping into a growing market, and setting up a system an online store at a very minimum cost, also having access to a wide range of tools and market research to help you sell your product. Some of these tools which if you were to develop separately can cost you thousands if not millions of pounds.

Some of the benefits of setting up an eBay Store

  • Easy Setup: you can sign up for an eBay store online within minutes, and be up and running straight away. The setup process is simple, and your products will be live on line for purchase.

  • Cost: Of the main reasons why users buy and sell on eBay is the cost, you don’t need to invest in a full e-commerce site, you can list your product on eBay for a minimum fee.

  • Exposure: Your product will be put in front of thousands, and you would have a better chance in exposing your product on eBay, as the traffic is there, compare to your own personal site if you have just started.

  • Build your Creditability: As you start to sell and buy on eBay, other users will start to leave you feedback. Having a lot of positive feedback will build your credibility and show others that its worth doing business with you.

  • URL: with an eBay shop, you get assigned your own unique URL which you can use as your website address if you prefer.

Who is an eBay Shop for?
I would say eBay shop is a good starting point for most companies looking to sell their products, if you're looking to setup an ecommerce site but unsure about something, or want to test the products prior to developing a website, you can do this in eBay. Ideally you want to be having your own website, but using eBay as a promotion tool to promote your products and display your products in front of many users. At the end the more traffic and awareness your product gets the better it is for your business.


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