Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Choosing a Good Accounting Program Can Save You Time & Money

When setting up an online business, or any business you need to have your finances in order to succeed. Now if you’re a sole trader or a one man band running your whole business on your own, staying on top of your finances can be quite a task, especially juggling all of your day to day activities at the same time, one can easily do with a helping hand in keeping accounts and book keeping up to date. Free accounting software

To hire an account to manage everything for you can be quite costly, especially in the beginning when your just starting up, the next best thing is to get your self a good accounting program that will help you manage everything from issuing invoices and managing your purchases and much more, to save you time and hassle.

There are many good accounting programs you can choose from, the one that we would recommend to any business looking for a full online accounting system at an affordable price would be KashFlow.

What is Kashflow

An online business application from where you can manage all of  your business accounts, from issuing invoices to managing your purchases and basically a full over view of your business accounts.

The program will allow you to customize and set the application to suite your business, giving you a full control of your accounting program.

Some of the top features in Kashflow accounting program,

-       Issue an invoiceand email the invoice to your client in a PDF format, also allowing you to keep a track of when the invoice was sent, leaving a date and time stamp on the invoice profile page.

-       Repeat billing, a perfect tool to save you time every month or week to create a new invoice, using this tool will automatically generate an invoice on the date specified and email your customer.

-       Overdue Reminders, we’ve all been in a situation when we have forgotten to follow up a payment from a customer, with Kasfhlow when an invoice or a purchase becomes overdue you will get an email reminder to inform you, so that you can follow up accordingly.

-       Reminder Letters, another common problem in most business is when your clients don’t pay you on time, this feature will allow you to send reminders to your customers in a professional manner, to ensure that you receive your payment.

-       History and records keep track of all the payments received by the customer, by generating a statement, giving you a full over view of the customer’s accounts.

-       24/7 Access anywhere, one of the amazing things of an online application is you have the flexibly to access your accounts anywhere and from any computer, with the trend apps Kashflow also has its own Kashflow iphone app, giving you access to your accounts on the move.

-       Reports, you ever wondered how to create those fancy financial reports and forecasts, Kashflow is the answer, there is a whole section in kashflow, which will allow you to create various reports for the business, from end of year accounts, customer reports, monthly reports and much more.

KashFlow has some fantastic offers for you to take advantage of today, sign up today to receive:

-       Totally free for two months - no obligation to buy

-       Low monthly payments

-       No annual contract - cancel at anytime

It Gets Even Better

There are plenty of other tools and programs that you can use along side Kahflow, to ensure that you’re online business is fully equipped, some of the fantastic tools you can use along side Kashflow:

Carry The One
This tool will allow you to integrate your online shopping basket into Kashflow, if your running an online shop on Magento or OsCommerce and want to use Kashflow to manage all of your accounts, this will do the job for you…. find out more


For all of those business that charge their clients on an time related charge, this tool will assist you with this, you can record the time spent on a project and raise an invoice with kashflow… find out more

CRM - Capsule CRM
Most business needs a system from where they can manage their customers and suppliers full accounts, from communications, meetings, tasks, and much more. Capsule CRM offers a total over view of your customers accounts, and links into Kashflow system allowing you to easily access your customers invoices and purchases…. Find out more


View a list of all the applications Kashflow can integrate with here.

Free accounting software

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