Monday, 4 October 2010

Good Website Design Layout – You need to have the wow factor

Importance Of a Good Web Design Layout

Recent surveys shown by Ad-Ology that nearly half of business (approximately 46%) do not have websites or any sort of online presence…. I'm not sure what the are waiting for, or if they are unsure about something.  But one would assume that in these times of internet and technology having a website (a good website) would be part of any business plan.

On the other hand, you can argue a case where you can say that websites, and good layouts are not necessary for small business, as you have access to whole range of online directories, and social networking profiles, which gives you, your own web URL, such as Twitter, Facebook, and even Google Maps, so do they really need website?

I would say yes every business does need to have a website, as all these directories, and platforms do give you a web presence to an extend, but its limited to what you can display and show on these profiles, and is it really giving the right image of your company, not having a link through to your actual website….for sure it wont look very professional. 

So yes you can be found online without having a website, but now days, having a basic presence is not enough, you need to be ahead of your competitors, and have a wow factor in your business image.  Specially online, where you only have a limited time when a visitor is on your site, you have to ensure that you convert as many visitors as possible. Putting your business online your on a open playing field, and your website has the same chances to be found and listed as a blue chip company, giving you the opportunity to promote your business professionally, and you can portray yourself how you want, and give the correct image of your company and organization, even though you may just be a one man band.

If your still not convinced that you need a website, have a brief look around, and see how many big companies do not have a website, probably none, or how many of your competitors have a website or are not online.  By going online you may also secure one extra deal a week, or month that will pay for your whole online campaign.

You need to have the wow factor

Why is it so important that your website looks good? Before you could get away, by having a simple HTML web page, with couple of paragraphs of text and some images, but today you do need to have more then a simple page, the design, the functionalities all need to be taken into consideration, if you really want to be a success online. If you do not have a website that goes wow, your competitors will have one, and you could be loosing sales, its all about the image you give on the first impression,  just like “love at first sight”. Your design, and web site layout along with the content should be perfect, that your visitors will not need to go elsewhere, and are obliged to keep returning to your website.

So the start of any good website is the design and layout, which is normally at the beginning of any project, the design of the website should determine the purpose you are online, and what you are looking to achieve, whether its to sell more products, get more awareness, raise your opinion via a blog, or just an information site, getting the purpose of your website in the design, will have a big impact on how your site is looked at by others.

Things to consider when designing a good layout and having a web presence.

  • Color Scheme: the colors on your web layout are very important, you should choose colors that relate your company ethics, and also to your products, the best layouts have simple colors, and don't overload the webpage with many colors. Keeping it simple and attractive are the key elements when choosing colors.

  • User Friendly:Your webpage should be relative easy to use, having a clear navigation, and simple straightforward structure. Simple test is, if your grandmother can operate your webpage, and can find her way round, you can't go wrong.

  • Features & Functions:You should consider what functionalities you want on your site, such as RSS feeds, newsletters subscriptions, maybe a blog, some elements of flash, if you can nail your functionalities in the beginning in the design,  then your page layout will be designed around these features, where else adding new features and functionalities later on, may involve changing the pages layout.

  • Load Speed:you should also ensure that your web page does not take too long to load up, it shouldn't be to heavy with design and features that it takes forever to load, users can get put off, and also this will have an impact on your search rankings, keeping it quick is the key here.

  • Content:Some may think this is not important part of the web page layout, but it is, if you know what content you are going to have on your webpage, the design can be done around this, taking into consideration the theme, the text, the headings and so forth. Have a clear picture of what you are going to display on your web page.

  • Call of Actions:This the key factors or sections on your home page, that your user would click on or select, this could be anything from, capturing user details, or click through to the checkout pages, or any other call of action. This also goes hand in hand with the purpose of your website.

  • Purpose of the website:as mentioned above, the main reason why you are having a website, could be to sell products, get more customers, build your brand.

  • CMSplatforms: Deciding on what CMS platforms also has an impact on the design, whether your going to get a bespoke CMS platform developed or use an open source platform such as Joomla, Wordpress, based on the CMS platform the design can be done accordingly, as some open source platforms, have certain factors that need to be included in the design, such as two column design or 3 column, banner position, and other factors.

  • Social Networking:Decide on what social networking profiles you are going to display, whether its just going to be an image, or a feed of your activities.

  • Payment Gateways:If you're having an e-commerce site, the design and layout should of the e-commerce site should according to a way that the user can choose and buy the products easily, you may also want to include Credit Card logos, and what payment gateways you use in the overall design of the website.

  • Marketing: This is more of after the web site is live, but it should be in your mind from the beginning, how you would be promoting your site, and attracting customers and visitors to your web page, if it is marketed well, it will pay off, as once the site is live, having visitors to your site will be crucial.


Above are some of the points that you can take into consideration to have a good design layout. Let us know of any website you have seen that have made you go wow.

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