Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Hiring A Good Content Writer Can Free Up Your Time


There comes a time when running your business you have 101 things to accomplish in a certain time, and you could do with some helping hand in hiring a good content writer, to do all of your writings such as:

  • Updating the website contentweb content writer

  • Typing agreements and contracts

  • Communicating with your customers 

  • Updating your blog

  • Writing press releases

  • ….and the list is endless

When choosing a content writer for you business there are many things you should think before handing over someone the ownership to write content for your company.

The main benefit of delegating the content of your business to good a content writer is that it will free up your time, and you will be able to work on other aspects of your business.

So what do I need to look for when choosing a writer?

Firstly when choosing a good content writer for your business, ensure that they fully understand your business model and what your organization is about, as the last thing you want is hiring someone who does not know heads and tales of your company, and presents to you content that is not relent for you to use, but rather copied and pasted form the web. You may not notice this firstly in the person, but this will come out in the content, which will have a negative impact on your business, as it will show lack of creativity and also not professional at all, as the content is copied.

Look and take into consideration the below points when looking for the perfect content writer for your business:

Language: This might sound odd, but yes it is very important, that the person you hire to do you content should be fluent in the language you want them to write the content in. As you might want to have a content written in French, it would be sensible to hire someone whose native language is French. Many fall into this trap to save cost and give their content to someone who has no knowledge of the requested language.

Example of work: Before securing the deal on the writer, ask to see some live examples with proof of their work. Ask to see articles on various topics, as this will show you that the writer can write on different topics and how good the writer is, this will also give you an insight to if the writer can adapt to your business requirements.

Time: The content writer you hire, should have time for your work, your projects should be constructed well thought out along with care taken on every aspect, from grammar to general flow of the article. If the writer is too busy this may not do justice to your projects, at the end of the day always make sure that you are getting a good value for the money you spend, and your content is done in the time frame you request.


There a plenty of content writers you can hire, there are web based directories and agencies you can search for the perfect writer, but the writer you choose has to fit into your companies approach and way of thinking. Never rush into hiring a writer just because someone has said they are good, do you research. One content writer maybe good for certain tasks and maybe not for all. Based on your requirement and your project choose your content writer wisely based on the above points, as it can surely help you spare up some valuable time for you to put into your business.

Share you content writing experience with us and where you found them below.

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