Thursday, 7 October 2010

How To Use Your Social Media Profile For SEO Benefit In A Wholesome Way


Keeping the current net trends in mind no one can have a valuable web presence for his brand without creating an online social identity for it. Social media and search have got so much integrated that your social media profile has the potential of generating SEO benefit which in turn surely has the further potential of improving your visibility and valuable presence on the search engines.

There are many social media sites but let us take Twitter as an example here and see how the SEO benefit can be reaped by the time and effort spent on this social media site.  social media and seo

First and foremost when you open an account you have to give a Bio description of the account holder – assuming that it is a company account – write small description generally giving introduction to your company. Try retaining the same description across all the other sites where you add the details about your company. This surely adds consistency and also attributes to the trust factor. See that it is a very simple explanation without using any bombastic words and without any hyperbole attached to the tone of the message about the company. Apart from the Bio, do not forget to give a link to your site as this surely is a valuable inbound link and as you know good inbound links are the key factor to the success for any SEO campaign.

Once the account is set and you start with the sharing of news, views, links and information, make sure that the information is uploaded as a blogpost on your blog so you get a chance to share your site links. Though the social media sites may have a no follow attribute on their pages but the presence of the URLs of your site get a web presence and have a chance of going viral and reaching out to people in exponential numbers as what you tweet is viewed by your followers but when people re-tweet your tweet it is viewed by the followers of the person who re-tweeted too. 

Hence having a similar and constant brand presence is a must. Preferably have the company logo either in the background or in the avatar. Sometimes people like to know with whom they are conversing so having your photo in the avatar is a good thing as this way the trust factor is further enhanced but in case of big companies where the people managing the account keep on changing or if many people access the account then it is better to have the company logo. 

Very important but the most neglected aspect by many – add the social media profiles and blog with icons and links in your email signature. This way every email sent by you will have the potential of getting you added followers and visitors.

Social media is usually a conversational platform even though it may not have direct SEO benefit every tweet, re-tweet , mention has the potential of attracting the attention of the people online on these sites which in turn may result in a targeted visit to your site, a recommendation, a link further tweeted or posted, or  generate a WOM which in turn surely has an impact on SEO though indirectly. Sites become authority sites due to their goodwill and valuable content and info and that is exactly where social media profiles contribute in a big way i.e to create goodwill and WOM and over a period of time if this whole exercise is monitored minutely regularly then we have seen sites becoming authority sites in their respective fields in due time.

All this is actually off page optimization, which is increasingly gaining more importance and value. Its not only links but what people are mentioning about your brand on these links is of prime importance.

All this has a great impact on the presence of your brand on the search engines in a wholesome way. The focus today is on integrating all the web presence methods like blogs, SEO and Social media, to gain a complete valuable online presence and visibility, hence making your presence known on the World Wide Web.

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