Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Inbound Links – A Major Search Ranking Factor For SEO

Google had introduced the PageRank technology and included it as a ranking factor for SERPs longtime back. Since then trying to get more and more inbound links has been the most challenging task for SEOs as getting the initial rankings is possible with the correct on-page SEO but to retain the rankings for a long time it is highly essential to get good quality and authority links to your site.

As the PageRank definition itself says that every link to your site is like a vote and the quantity and quality of links specify the popularity of your site. More than the quantity it is the quality of links, which affects the rankings. We keep on referring this task of getting more and more links as link building but the fact is that only quality content and information on your site shared by you can get you natural links and links got thus are gained as a part of the web journey of the website as it creates the footprints on the web.

Some of the ways to get inbound links are as follows:

·       Comment on various blog posts related to your industry.

·       Share the links of your blog posts on the social media platforms.

·       Include links to your site, blogs and social media accounts in your email signature

·       Write some guest posts for other blogs

·       Add your website to a selected list of good directories and portals

·       Request a link back from the websites which mention and reference your company in some way or the other on their website.

Actually this activity is an ongoing process for which you need to keep an alert eye and try not to miss any opportunity, which can offer you a quality link.

Whenever something is very important and becomes one of the influencing factors in any campaign there are always black hat methods which crop up and in this case it is reflected in the form of buying links when SEOs get desperate for a ranking. Buying links may be a short cut solution to the problem which in turn can surely be a punishment in the long run if Google decides to remove the site from its index once  the paid links are reported by someone or if Google detects something fishy.

Hence, the approach towards getting links for your site should be very systematic, choosy and focused on quality and authority.

Here is a video on content and links by Matt Cutts:

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