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Setting up a Successful Online Business

Continuing from my previous post on “importance of good web design layout” I’m going to mention how to setup your online business so it becomes a success, as setting up a good online business takes a lot of research and thinking, which in itself is a full time job, to get it right, can sometimes take hours, days, weeks, months and even years. So to save you time I’m going to mention our tried and tested methods of how to setup your online business and ensure it does not fail.

The roots of your website – Your Chosen Niche

Everyday there are thousands of websites going online, and at the same time, there are thousands of websites and business closing every day, how do you make sure that when you go online, your there to stay, and not there just for a few months and then disappear.

This is quite simple, when choosing and deciding on your niche for your new website, make sure its something you enjoy, and have passion in. If you have some sort of interest in such niche, you will put that little more effort into your online business, you will understand the market better, and will want to learn more about the online industry of your market.  Where else if you were to setup a website of something that you have no interest, and just doing it, because friend Bob said it makes him money, and he’s doing very well, this does not mean, that you will do as well as Bob, as he’s chosen his niche based on what he does best, and Bob has the passion and is willing to explore and put in the hours full heartedly. Copying someone else for the sake of it, you’re heading for failure.

So when setting up a website, choosing a niche and market that you know, and enjoy is a BIG plus point, and you will be starting your online business on a good foundation.

Things to consider when choosing the market for your new online business:

-       What do I want to achieve from my website:Having a clear picture from the beginning, and your goal in mind, will ensure that your cover all the aspect to reach to your goal.

-       The Current market: doing a quick research on the web to see your completion, and other relevant website, this will give you an idea of where your new website will fit in the market

-       Target Audience: who is your business targeting, when you go online, what kind of customers and visitors do you want to attract.

-       Stand out: How will you make your website different from others, you should consider of way you would be promoting your website, and how it will be different from your competitors so that you can attract business.

Name your online business – Domain Name

You’ve chosen what you want to do online, now you need to go and get a good domain name. The domain name will also pay a part to your online success, something catchy and easy to remember at the same time it has to be relevant to the business your setting up.

Check out our article on: Choosing a Good Domain Name For Your Business

Search for domain name of your choose using our quick search box below:








Your Virtual Office Space: Hosting        

The foundation of your online business is setting up, now you need to find some hosting space, of where you will be hosting your business. The reason why this plays a big part in the success of your online business is because, this is the place where your website files will be stored, and accessible to the World Wide Web. While you sleep, eat, and play, your hosting company needs to be switched on, and ensure that your website is accessible at ALL times. So choosing a good reliable hosting company is a wise investment, in the process of setting up your business.

Website hostingThere are many factors and variable to consider in choosing the right hosting company, have a good read on our article about: How to choose a good Hosting Company.

Setting up your Shop Front – Website Design & Theme

Once you have setup your hosting, start working on the design and the theme of your website, there are plenty of ready made templates you can choose from for free and also premium templates which you can buy, but you want something that’s unique and special for your business, which is designed and created keeping your business in mind. At this stage look for a good web designer, who will design the theme and the layout of your website according to how YOU want it, ensure that you can have a say in the design, as at the end it is your business, not the designers. Depending on the designer you can get a home page designed for approximately £100 - £150. This will ensure that your website is not copied and a duplicate of another business, will give a good impression on your business. Have a quick read on our article about: Good Design layout.

good website design good website design

Get The Builders In – Website Developers

At this stage your well into setting your online success, you have a clear picture of what your looking to achieve, you have your domain, hosting, and the look of your new website, all you now need is someone to put this into reality.

At this stage you would be on the hunt for a good developer to work for you. There are plenty (millions) of web development companies, and free lancers, choosing the right one can be quite a task, so what do you look for in a good web development company:

-       Can you work with them: this is very important, your relationship with the development company will not end at the end of your project, it will continue for the duration of your online business (forever), so making sure that you can work with them, and have a good relationship is essential, along with trust, as your giving them your business idea to develop.

-       Language barrier: this might sound funny, but it does happen, many business offshore the web development to another country, which they have no clue about, the language, culture, and how your business works, this can leave a big whole in your online business. Make sure you speak the same language, and fully understand each other.

-       Portfolio: Ask to see their previous work, have a look at their portfolio and the way the work, is this something that will suite your business and project.

-       Feedback: Do some research on what others have to say about the development company or freelancer, ask their existing customers if you cant find any online.

-       Price: Are they reasonable with the price, ensure that there are no hidden costs, as the project proceeds.

-       Contract: are they willing to sign a contract with you?

There are some good points on our article about: How to take your business online from a-z

Marketing your website

You’ve done all the hard work of choosing the business idea, and developing it to make it a reality, that’s just half of it, now you’ve got the wheels on your car, you need to drive it to make it a success.

How are you going to market you website, attract new visitors and customers.

There are plenty of ways to market and advertise you’re’ business, from traditional offline methods and online, take note of some of our marketing tips at: Ways of Promoting your online business

website marketing

It takes a lot of work and time to make money online and to setup a good business, but if your take time and follow the right steps, and stay motivated, it gets much easier.


Let us know your thoughts below, share your success stories and tips with us.


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