Monday, 25 October 2010

Ways to make sure your emails are read before Trashed

We all sometimes feel that we are sending emails, but they are not being red by the recipient, whether it's a normal day-to-day email, or an newsletter email. How can we make sure that when our email lands in their inbox, it stands out? The person whom you are sending e-mail’s to probably receive’s hundreds of emails every day, and your email can be easily missed or put to the bottom of the pile.

- Subject Line

The subject line is the most important part of your email, this is what will determine if your email is going to be opened, or trashed without being looked at. Be very specific and I would say careful with your subject line. Make the subject line attractive, e.g. if your sending out a newsletter, don't just mentioned "October Newsletter", use a title e.g.: "Why are my emails being deleted". It needs to be something that will make the recipient think and click on your email.

- Spam Make sure your emails are read

Stay clear from spam filters, and try not come across as Spam, this can be done in many ways, best way is to make sure that the content of your newsletter is good and relevant to the recipient, if they have subscribed or bought from you, then this way the end user will know who the email is from, compared to sending out an email to someone completely anemones.

How frequent you send out your newsletter emails also plays a factor, spread them out over the month, best option is once a month, as this will give you more time to think about your next email, and also your readers will not be bombarded with emails every other day or week, and finally when your email does arrive after a month, they would be keen to open it and see what you have to offer this month.

- Audience

This is similar to spam, as I mentioned make sure that the end user has some interest in your email. You should also take extra care in the group you are sending your email to, you may have various subscription list, e.g., one for customers, one for users that have registered on your website, and another for users that have filled out a call of action. Now your newsletter may not be suitable for all of your users, so before you hit send, ensure that the newsletter and email is relevant to your audience group.

- Be Human

When sending out newsletters or auto responders, try not to make your email look like a computer is sending your email, try to address the recipient with their name, and make it personal to them. The more your emails sound like a computer automated email, the less people will read the, as they will have other important emails to read. A good way of doing this is also adding a bit of humour to your emails, as sometimes being to professional in your emails can get boring. Try making your newsletters light, and enjoyable to read.

- Urgency

Most users have an habit to mark all emails as urgent when sending them out, this way your over using the urgency mark, and your recipients know that all of your emails come with an urgent mark, and tend not give you the attention you are asking for. So its best not to send out all of your emails and newsletters with the urgent mark, but instead, have a call of action in your subject line. E.g. “50% off for the next 24 Hours”, this approach will get users to open your email more, rather then ignoring the urgency mark all the time.

Yes once in a while when you do have an urgent email, you can send it out with the urgency marker.


Offer your reader’s surprises and rewards such or a chance to enter into a competition to win something. This will give you a chance to interact with your readers, and also a way of building your email list. If you do this lest say every 3 months, your readers will know that you offer them chances for them to gain something, which will keep them hooked onto your email list, and in opening your emails.

Value & Tips

Sending out tips and tricks, in your email, which the users will benefit from on a regular basses is a good idea, even though if your main email content is not related to this, but dedicated a small part of your newsletter to give out tips and tricks, will bring some more value to email, and a chance for your users to look forward to receiving your next tip.

There are many ways one can use and test to ensure that emails are read, the bottom line is get to know your audience, and get them into a habitof opening your emails.

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