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Why have I got a Blog? – What’s the Purpose of having a blog?

As social media is becoming a way of marketing and promoting your business, at the same time blogging and writing articles has also grown in the past couple of years, more and more users along with business are having blogs for a variety of reasons from raising opinion to generating more revenue for the bottom line.

Having a blog and marketing it right can generate a whole new avenue of business, and awareness.

First of all what is a blog? Contemplating Vesuvius

Blogs look more alike website and function more or less similar to a website, by having text and images, but a developed in a way to display and store articles such as a web log, diary, and library…etc

Most blogs are interactive and allow users to leave comments, ask questions, and to link to favorite articles, along with subscribing to updates of that blog via RSS feeds.

A Blog can be used in many ways and you don’t need to be a specialist or even have a business to start a blog, anyone can start a blog and be successful with it.

Most users would use a blog as a general diary, where they would enter their day-to-day events and experience. Some may use it as a platform to raise their option or to make their voices heard. Most business use a blogging platform, to display press releases, news and events along with useful information that will benefit their visitors, and customers.

Why Should I have a Blog, what's the benefit of a blog?

There are many reasons to have a blog as some mentioned above, the main thing you need to figure out is, the purpose of the blog, what is the main reason, and ask the question to yourself why I am having a blog? and what am I looking to accomplish similar to designing and having a website, you have a purpose and a mission in mind, same concept applies to a blog.

Most companies and individuals have a blog for mainly the below reasons:

Increasing visitors: A blog can help drive more traffic to your main website, as more and more pages get indexed, its logical, that you have a better chance of being found online, but realistically, it’s proven technique used by many companies to use a blog to build web presence online, and to increase the traffic to their main website.

Interacting With Visitors:A blog is a good method, to get opinions and feedback from your visitors, and customers. You may have a question, that you may want to ask, or have a pre launch of a product, it can be anything you prefer, which can be posted as a blog post article, and visitors can leave feedback and comments. A good way of getting opinions from others, most blogs now also integrate with social networking sites, which also helps in the interacting with visitors.

Information and News:Blogs are a way of expanding the services and information you offer and reaching out to new customers, you can use a blog to give out your opinion on certain topics, and categories, also give out news on your company and industry. This will also increase credibility as users will know that your blog has latest news and useful information, which will get them to pass the word around and also result in returning back to your blog.

Sales: Blogging can also help in the sales of your product, you can write an article or review, or even a feedback about your product or services, with links back to the main product page. The blog can also have special offers for readers and registered users.

Search Engine Optimization:Having a blog installed on your main domain name, which is well optimized, can help in your Search Engine optimization campaign of your main site in may ways, in targeting quality traffic back to your site. A good blogging platform that can help with SEO is WordPress, see our article: Everything You Wanted, and Needed to Know About WordPress SEO.

Above are some of the reasons how a blog can help you and your business, in achieving a more web presence online.

Some more points to think about when having a blog

We all know now that having a good blog can help our business and be a way of building a web presence online, however these benefits will only be achieved if the blog is updated regularly with good content that your visitors will enjoy and benefit from. This can be very time consuming for business and for individuals. Business need to take time out to write good content, post it onto the blog. Before having a blog also think of:

  • Will I be able to keep my blog updated regularly, at least once a week, or once every fortnight? You may also want hire a content writer that understands your business, who you can assign the task to keep your blog updated.

  • Is there a niche for your blog, are their people who would be interested in reading the type of content that you display on your blog.

  • Who will manage the overall blog, from posts, to visitor comments, and the answering of questions?

So its quite clear that a good blog well updated can have many benefits and server many purposes, you as a business owner will be able to decide when the time is correct to have a blog for your business, taking into consideration the above points.

Have you got a blog and why? Share with us your blog links and thoughts below by leaving a comment. 

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