Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Adding Meta details to Joomla

I am going to show you today, how to add Meta details and Title tags to your Joomla CMS website from your administration panel.

Adding Meta Description and Keywords

  1. Go to the Articles section of the admin panel

  2. Select the article you want to work on

  3. Open the tab on the right hand side called Parameters (System)

  4. Enter the description and keywords related to that particular article

  5. Click on Save

Changing the Title Tag

  1. Go to Menus in your Joomla admin panel & select the Menu you want to work on eg. Main Menu.

  2. Select the Link of Navigation name that you want to edit eg: Home

  3. Open the tab on the right hand side called Parameters (System)

  4. In the Filed “Page Title” enter the Title tag of that particular page.

  5. Click on Save

After saving the above, these details will reflect in the source of the page you have just worked on, and will be picked up by the search engines when they crawl your website next.


-       Write your Meta Description related to your page, keeping it under 165 characters

-       Include one or two of your keywords in the description tag, ensuring it reads well.

-       In your Title Tag, don’t include more then 65 characters

-       Include the keywords related to that page in your Title Tag

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