Thursday, 18 November 2010

Enhance User Experience by Using Videos On Your Website

Using videos is now massive in promoting different services online. Almost everyone watch videos, whether its online or offline, with now more and more applications looking towards video tools for various purposes, such as marketing, promotions, interviews…etc It describes the greater leads of integrating videos rather than static texts or images on to your website.

There are many ways to market a website and even available tools to promote it. There are also several advices online on how to gain big site impressions. However, to keep the users on your site is to give them not only an attractive view but an experience that will create great lasting impressions on them. 

Nowadays, texts and images are not enough to achieve the attentions of the users. There must be something more like dynamic flash presentations or video displays. Using videos is now massive in promoting different services online. It is already a trend in marketing as a tool. Almost everyone watch videos. It describes the greater leads of integrating videos rather than static texts or images on your website. JVC GZHM340-open

Take for example YouTube, which has become one of the largest search engines for online videos, more then 100 million videos are viewed on YouTube every single day. See some of the advantages of using videos below:

  1. Videos increase credibility.Video integration is part of the fast paced internet growths. This feature creates credibility to your business by having a website that can adapt to what is new and what is trendy. Most of us would prefer to watch and listen to something rather then reading though a whole page of text.

  2. Save time and pages.There are topics that need detailed long explanations and visual displays. Using videos lessen your time in creating images or web contents. It also lessens the users’ time in navigating, reading and in trying to comprehend your contents.

  3. Can be easier to understand. Users won’t only see or read but they can also hear, resulting to lesser confusions and loud and clear discussions.

  4. Can bring users into various tours.Videos can open the users’ imaginations by creating diverse presentations such as using different colors, displaying videos from places to places or by presenting ideas from a certain number of people.

  5. Create lasting impressions. The dynamic attribute of videos stimulate more of the human senses, creating more interactions and resulting into more memories in our heads.

  6. Can be used in easy promotions of your website. By simply putting links or embed video options, users themselves can share your presentations. These can increase publicity for your website.

  7. Training. You can use videos as your training program, to train new staff, and clients. Saving you time to go over the same thing with each and every member. You just need to record it once, and keep sending the link to all.

  8. Interviews. You can broadcast your key messages from a business point of view, and also as a candidate you can also do a video CV, to impress your new employees.

  9. Personalize and convey emotions. When writing a text, whether it be an email, article, book, or any other form of text, there is always a limit to how you portray yourself, and how to show your passion, but on a video, you show much more emotions, along with giving the viewer of who you actually are in person, showing the way you talk, act and overall appearance.

  10. Improve Search Engine Ranking ­– you may have started to notice, when you carry out certain searches on the internet, in the search results you also get videos listed, which are normally listed at the top before other search results, example: if you search for “How to make cakes” on Google you will see this result which displays videos on it to:click here

There are more to what videos can do for your website. Hence, choosing the right theme, creating good contents and making interactive videos can give powerful impressions for your business.

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