Friday, 12 November 2010

Google can now index Flash files

Earlier today Google announced on its Webmaster Central Blog that it could now almost index any text in a flash file, which a user can see.

This is a great news for many website owners and also a great relief on the SEO prospective. As before I would say Google and Flash did not get along very well, it was a big no for any website that had flash and wanted to success in SEO.

This has been something Google has been working on for a while, and in the past they have attempted couple of time to improve their indexing on Flash files.

So does this mean we can all go convert out sites to a fully interactive flash site… not quite, having a fully loaded flash website has its advantages but also disadvantages, which in the past one of the disadvantages was that it was difficult for search engines to read flash files. When considering to use flash on your website, I would recommend to use it wisely and cleverly and incorporate into the theme of your website by maybe having flash banners, or a section of the website in flash, rather then a full flash websites.

Some of the advantages of flash

  • Rich media, which is attractive and catchy to users

  • Interactive

  • You can have music and audio on your site in flash

  • A thrilling flash intro page to your website

Some of the disadvantages of flash

  • Havey files, so longer to load up pages

  • It can defeat the purpose of your website

  • Can distract general users from your sales funnel

  • SEO is still a question? Even thou Google have announced it can index flash files, you need to compare it to a HTML site, and see which one will get you better results.

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