Thursday, 11 November 2010

Is Your Website Design Good Enough for Google Search Results

Earlier this week Google rolled out yet another amazing feature on to its instant search results, from now on internationally you will be able to see a preview of the website results that are ranked in Googles search results. Giving the users a choice to view the website prior to clicking though.

In your search results you will now notice a small magnifying glass next to each search results, when clicked on a pop up will show the image of the website for that particular results, and moving your mouse over each result will show you a screenshot of each website.

What does this mean for business and website owners

As now users can see your website prior to clicking though to search results, many business will be reconsidering the look and theme of their websites. From now on the design aspect of you website creation, will play an even major factor in improving your conversion rates. As before you could get the traffic to your website blindly by users clicking on the search results, but now they can actual view the look of your website, and then decide whether to click through or not.

When design your website ensure that the pages are designed so that they are attractive and eye catching, and choosing your color scheme carefully. By Google launching this feature, this will also reduce bounce rates to the website and visitors will now tend to stay longer on a site, as they have seen the site prior to coming on to it.

Check out the search results: Google Search Result Screenshots

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