Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Last Minute Marketing Ideas for Christmas & New Year

Not long to go for Christmas now, and the holiday season to start and the mood is already in the air, shopping sales have started, Christmas trees and lights are up, we've even had Snow already. Its during this time of the year, when business slow down and relax, and start to prepare for the year to come, the month of December is always a slow, and relaxing month at work for many business.

 What can business do to target potential customers, and build up a good pipeline of sales and customers for the next year and finish this year on a high (besides inviting everyone to the Christmas party).

Below are some of our last minute marketing tips you can do this month to get everyone busy and excited for the New Year, and what your business has in store.

Christmas Cards Christmas marketing

A fantastic way of building customer relationship, you can design your own customised Christmas card, which matches your companies brand, and send it to all of your customers that you have had this year and also potential customers, wishing them a Happy Christmas and a prospers new year. This will make your customers feel special, and appreciated as you've remembered them and taken time to wish them, which normally results in them buying of you again. This is a good opportunity to promote your services, to get in some repeat orders, or even mention your end of year sales, or what your looking to do next year. You can use the back of the card to promote your business and services.


You can send our boxes of chocolates or wine to some of your customers, with your business card or leaflet.  Now this may work out a bit costly, so you don't need to send it to all, you can maybe decide your top ten clients to send to, and the rest maybe sending out something smaller or a greetings card. You can also go a step further, and get your own brand chocolates and gifts, with your company logo and message, which will build your brand awareness. This is a good way of attracting customers, especially if you’re new in the market, and not many people know of you. By you giving out free gifts, will arise awareness and also others will want to know more about you and your venture, as everyone likes free gifts.

Some gift ideas on which you can add your brand:

·       Pens

·       Mugs

·       Clocks

·       Key Chains

·       Chocolates boxes

·       Wine Bottles

·       Mouse Pads

·       Fridge Magnets

·       Stress Balls

·       Picture Frames

·       USB Drives

·       Cufflinks


Printing corporate calendars has many benefits, and many business do this year in and year out, as it stays with your customers for the whole year. You can include your company name, logo and message and distribute calendars to your clients and also more importantly potential customers, along with local business, again building your brand awareness and promoting your services. You may find that printing and distributing all the calendars your self can be quite a task (financially and time consuming) you can pair up with couple of business and print a joint calendar and distribute them together. This will lessen the burden of you paying for the entire calendar, and also increase your reach of handing out calendars to more people and business, but most importantly it will allow you to network with other business locally.

Free Gifts with every Order

To increase sales and business over this festive season, you can run a promotion, where you could offer a free gift worth X amount with every sales, to encourage users to take advantage of your services now, rather than later. This works well with consultancy business, and other service related business. As retailers are normally busy during these months.

End of year Sales & Offers

You could offer a special discount during the month of December & January, where your could cut your prices by 10% or 20% giving the urge to customers to buy your services in these months, as they will get more value for money.

Ways you could promote your end of year sales:

  • Email all customers informing them of the discounts you are offering

  • Facebook & Twitter - network with your friends and ask them to come check out your sales.

  • Mention it on all your correspondence and emails (get everyone eager to check out your sales)

  • Mention it on all of your marketing products along with on your cards

  • Leaflets - hand out leaflets about your end of year offers and sales

  • Website banners - have attractive banners on your site to promote your sales

How are you promoting your business at the end of the year, share with us you’re your stories.

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  1. You can also send company Christmas e cards to your customers which are a great way to re-engage your audience without bombarding them with sales messages.