Monday, 22 November 2010

Marketing Your eCommerce Site

Marketing is educating potential markets about your products and converting them into interested customers. This is a way of marketing online and to convert your website visitors into buying customers.

High website impressions do not determine automatic sales but it can be a good starting point. Promoting your ecommerce site does not stop in launching the website and telling your friends and family that it exists. There are certain ways to top the online planet and produce sales. Effective marketing requires commitment and smart thinking but surely it bring sales.  Marketing e-commerce site

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO is the most familiar term in doing online marketing. When done right, it can give you high rankings on popular search engines such as google, yahoo, msn and alexa.

Below is some of the factors and process that you may do in your SEO campaign:

  1. Link Building is the submission of your URL to different directories that creates link back to your site. Click here for a free list of link building directories. – the key here is not quantities, but quality link building. You can easily submit your website to thousands of directors that may have no relevance in what your doing, hence those link backs would not have much value at all. So when doing link building you need to look at the quality of links, it should be from relevant directors, other high profile websites, in which can your link building campaign will be successful.

  1. Search Engine Indexing is almost the same as link building but this involves directory listing on popular search engines. See links below:

    1. Submit link to Google

    2. Submit link to Yahoo

    3. Submit link to MSN

    4. Submit link to Alexa

A website needs to be indexed first before it became visible in search engine results, by launching your site on the world wide web, it will not necessarily be found by search engines. By submitting your site to them, will inform them your site exists, and in other words its like inviting them to come and check out your site.

  1. Public Relation such as press releases, articles and stories submissions is one of the best ways to educate your online users regarding your products. Click here for a list of free press release sites.

  1. Content Driven Site. The more contents a website has, the higher its possibility to be crawled by search engines.

  1. Social Networking such as facebook, myspace and bebo can also help you with website promotions. People are getting connected, increasingly and dependent with social networks, which means, this is where the people are, and your potential markets.

  1. Advertising Subscriptions. You may also invest on adwords, pay per click and pay per impressions services, it may cost you but you will get sure get visitors and statistics reports to give you new ideas for your next marketing moves.

Ecommerce Site Effectiveness

After educating the target markets and making them your visitors, the effectiveness of your ecommerce site will make them invest time and buy into your products. Below are some characteristics of an effective ecommerce website:

  1. Simple yet professional designs and layouts. Pleasant first impressions may keep your visitors to stay more minutes and explore your website, giving more exposure to your products.

  1. Organized navigations. This gives the users easy access to different pages of your website. Most online customers want fast transactions and organized navigations can decrease their searching time to look for what they want.

  1. Well-stated product descriptions. This guides customers to identify what they need and give them more knowledge about the products or services. It can also increase your website contents resulting to higher SEO.

  1. Sales and other promotions. Discount offer or purchase rewards can draw your users to buy more or visit again your website.

  1. Customer relationship building. This can be in the form of newsletter subscriptions, support and sales pages, forums or inviting them to your social networking profiles. Good customer relationships can keep your business stand for a long time. 

  1. Website security certificates. Securities on websites not only protects you but as well your customers. With this, you will gain more trusts from them especially in payment transactions and data gathering forms.

Good SEO and effective ecommerce site brings success. They must work together to give you more than your expected profits.


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