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Multiple Website Hosting - Here's your answer

Shortly after the Internet’s inception, owners of websites typically possessed no more than one or two sites. This made the managing of these sites quite simple as they were relatively uncomplicated and experienced little traffic. However, with the internet’s constant technological advancements, there has become an increased need to provide both more data storage space as well as means by which a user can manage multiple sites. Because of this, one of the most popular types of hosting has become multiple domain hosting for a number of both large and small businesses alike.

Web hosting reselling, which consists of a user purchasing a certain amount of storage space from a host and then selling that space to third parties, has also become an increasing popular form of web hosting. Web hosting Germanyis one of the many countries that has adopted this form of hosting. In addition, the popularity of systems such as Wordpress has raised the demand for multiuser management systems. It has proved attractive to users to be able to create, design as well as distribute multiple websites and, due to the fact that the majority of businesses today utilize social networking and other features, it has become necessary for multiple user management to become available. In modern business, the need to send emails, update websites, as well as send instant messages has become integral to the functioning of many companies. Multiple site web hosting

There are quite a number of factors that need to be considered when choosing the best hosting option for a conglomeration of websites. The correct decision can be quite beneficial whereas a wrong decision could be catastrophic to the future of your business. The following are a series of items, which should be considered before making the final hosting decision:


The data transfer which takes place when a customer opens a site is known as bandwidth. This allows for the desired information to be retrieved at the request of the guest. Additional bandwidth is required for those sites which have multiple videos that require streaming, have music files, or have multiple applications. Without the appropriate amount of bandwidth, server errors are inevitable and the website would run much slower than desired. The majority of hosting companies provide a certain amount of bandwidth each month to their users.


The amount of storage space which a website requires depends on the number and size of files which are stored in that space. If a website contains numerous graphics, photos, and applications, the owner will require an increased amount of storage. Not only should the owner take the current number of files into consideration but they should also take into account any future expansion, which might occur.

Management of Multiple Sites

With the hosting of multiple domains, the requirements are bound to increase. Many companies and website owners use many Wordpress versions on one server in order to take this into account. For example, numerous blogs today contain news videos or have forums in which customers can post comments. In order to achieve this, the site must run using a multi-user system.

List of Reputable Providers

Considered to be a highly reputable company, which offers Wordpress, Dreamhost, is a popular choice. The host includes features such as unlimited bandwidth and storage space as well as unlimited email and domain hosting. In addition, the cost is relatively inexpensive when considering how many benefits there are. It is a great option for a small business, which is starting up or searching for a new hosting solution.

Also affordable, Myhosting provides hosting using multiple domains. With their 100% customer guarantee, the host allows customers to install their own management system and, like Dreamhost, comes with unlimited bandwidth and storage space as well as email.

Also a great provider for multiple site hosting, Justhost boasts a hosting package which contains a free domain as well as instantaneous setup. This host has been recommended for those who are developing new sites as their site builder is extremely helpful is making the process simple and fast. The host also features add-on scripts as well as solutions for business “shopping carts”.

Also a highly popular option, HostGator is affordable and easy to use. Along with several of their unlimited features, they also provide the popular reseller hosting options as well as dedicated servers and VPN hosting. Reselling has proven to be a great option for site designers who also offer a hosting solution to customers. This hosting solution is in high demand, especially by individuals who are looking for wordpress hosting, the creation of websites, or business class hosting.

Although the creation and maintenance of several websites is never simple, choosing the right hosting solution can make the process much easier and less stressful. Today, website owners have the ability to use a single server to manage multiple sites, thus reducing both the cost and time that was previously required with other host solutions.

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