Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Planning a successful e-comerce site

Ecommerce is becoming popular way for businesses to sell products or services to a worldwide audience. The ease of selling and buying of products or services on a click of a button has brought forth the emergence of the ecommerce websites.

Such websites are slightly complex than the usual brochure websites, in order to make the best use of the site it’s essential to keep it easy simple and professional to attract the visitors and to increase conversion rate. Having a user friendly easy to use website is a great plus point. 

Therefore before putting your investments at risk in creating an ecommerce site, it is best to know first how to create an effective one. Taking in consideration that the purpose of the ecommerce website is to sell your product or service on line, this needs to be designed in an eye catching way that would attract the customers.

The following are some of the points to consider:

· You need to firstly set the main goal of your website. What are you trying to sell? Who are your target markets? How will you make them feel that they need your products or services? What are the functionalities that you need them to see in your ecommerce site, will it have a shopping cart, a customized billing system or just a magazine type of displaying products? What are the tools that you want to use in maintaining your site? You can put all of these points in a list and set your priorities.

· Building a good ecommerce site takes time and smart planning. However, you also need to consider how you will optimize your website to ensure it delivers to your expectations.

· First expression counts therefore your website needs to be attractive in order to keep customers focused and to keep them on your website for longer. Navigation should be user friendly and organized. Themes, colors, animation, and dimensions should be considered too to give your site an overall appeal.

· Payment method must also be an easy access to your consumers. Provide various payment options to your customers such as PayPal, Merchant Account, or even Mobile Payment Solutions, yet keep them organized and prevent too many pages.  Customers like simple quick checkout stages.

· Make sure that you also protect your consumers in using some security certificate like SSL encryptions. You can also put a money back guarantee for a certain time to assure your consumers with what they are buying.

However, if you are serious to obtain results, then hiring an ecommerce web designer or developer is a right move, who would show you and guide you through the process, and build an ideal site that would meet your entire requirements to run a successful online e-commerce business.

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