Friday, 19 November 2010

The Conversion Dynamics Of The Landing Page

The landing page is the page the visitor will visit when he clicks on the organic or paid search listing that your website has on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). There are many factors which influence the online marketing campaigns - the visibility of the website, the rankings on the search engines, the propensity to pay for a higher PPC bid, a simple and attractive web design, but one thing applicable unconditionally is that the first impression that your website makes to the visitor on any sphere of the World Wide Web wherever you have a presence on is the most important decisive factor.  Most of the time your website is found by targeted visitors through organic search, PPC listings or through the link on your social media presence.

In organic search best SEO practices make your relevant page rank for the particular targeted keyword. Hence, your website has different pages ranked for different keyword searches i.e you have different landing pages for one website indexed in the search engines. So, it is important that each and every page should be designed and made content rich and user friendly. Just having an attractive home page is not enough. As the landing page is the first impression the visitor gets about your company and your business. Conversion Dynamics Of The Landing Page

Dynamics is the branch of mechanics that is concerned with the effects of forces on the motion of a body or system of bodies, especially of forces that do not originate within the system itself. Also called kinetics.

With reference to a general and day-to-day connotation it is - The social, intellectual, or moral forces that produce activity and change in a given sphere.
With reference to the landing page the immediate force that will produce the activity from the visitor to view other pages or take a decision to buy or not to buy will be the overall appeal of the web page to the visitor. The content, the ease to navigation, user-friendliness, the images, the logo, the page download time, etc. all put together, create a first impression and then depending on the visitor’s preference the necessary details are filtered out mentally for further impact on the visitor. All this is so subtle and working in the back of the visitor’s mind that it is very difficult to be sure of a web page with all the facets perfectly catering to a perfect landing page, which will appeal to all kinds of visitors.

Hence, trying out various options by A/B testing is the only solution to reach to a stage where you can be satisfied of having a landing page that will influence conversions. The analytics data is the major source of information which gives details regarding the bounce rate, the no. of pages viewed, and the time spent by the visitor on the pages.

There will be many permutations and combinations, which will have to be worked out before you come to a conclusion. Working on landing pages for better conversions is a very specialized job, which requires knowledge of all the aspects of the web page.

With the social scene carving its own niche in the web world for influencing visitors the WOM generated on the social media, the tweets and posts of the concerned company and also the fact whether the visitor reached the link via the social media site or the visitor checked the social media buzz after gaining an impression on your website all influence the decision for conversion.

So, just having an optimum landing page for maximum conversion is not enough, the social media buzz also has to be monitored and the company needs to have a social media presence also where the identity of the company is established by every tweet and post.

Again, social media is not limited to Twitter and Facebook but also the community, which represents your line of presence on which you actively participate as the mentions and comments on such sites usually establish your identity and reputation within the industry you are a part of.

All this conversion dynamics is not a simple job, which can be accomplished in a day, but it requires constant tracking, monitoring, testing and repeated trials for which the company needs the help of experienced professionals who have all round knowledge.

Hence, Conversion Dynamics of the landing page is the effect of design, structure, social media, intellect of the visitor and every other aspect of the page which can make the visitor change his decision from positive to negative or negative to positive as the case maybe which can lead to a conversion on the website or a diversion to another website.

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