Monday, 29 November 2010

When to Decide When You Need to Upgrade or Have an Ecommerce Site

E-commerce is the activity of doing business and making profit online. Compare to a traditional commerce, setting up an e-commerce site is much cheaper then it used to be 8-10 years ago. There will be lesser overhead costs and no more middle man for selling or payment transactions.upgrade to e-commerce

Traditional commerce can give you a concrete physical experience that websites will not. You can touch the product, talk to a person face to face, bargain and physically test the product. Hence, due to the influence of the Internet and more and more users going online for their shopping, many are switching from traditional commerce to online e-commerce.

E-commerce before was normally used by supermarkets or electronic gift cards and major retailers. But nowadays, many industries are having e-commerce sites rather than just having basic websites. Online marketing, inquiries and product demos lesser the costs and time both for the businesses and customers.

Not all industries need e-commerce sites, some just need websites as easy references to inquiring visitors, where a brochure website would be sufficient. However, making profits from a website is always a good choice compared to just setting up an informative site.Deciding whether to upgrade or have an e-commerce site always depend on the services that your business can give. Knowing some features of an ecommerce website may help you decide if you need one. See below:


1. Marketing

The Internet is a big place for possible target markets. It is the best way to reach the world. However, due to millions of websites and e-commerce sites, marketing online requires crucial creativity. What you think that is not yet available in your place might already exist in other parts of the world.           

Online marketing can be via public relations such as press releases, and article submissions. It can also be done through social networking sites like facebook, bebo and more all which can be included in an online marketing package. There are a number of ways to educate your target markets with your business existence, just smart ideas and commitment.

2. Shopping Cart

Online shopping can give a customer various product options. No more travel from one store to another; they just have to explore the Internet from one e-commerce site to another e-commerce site.

They will not be able to bargain some product prices online but they can save their time and do other productive things. Online product requests for unavailable stocks and statistics of best selling items can also help the business to track products that they need to prioritize

3. Security

Despite the cautions of online hackers taking credit card information or customer details, many are still doing the few clicks shopping online. Analyzing the security more, traditional commerce requires a customer to hand their credit cards to sales representative while e-commerce do not require a third party to pay online. There are also many available online fraud prevention companies looking into securities and taking care of fraud transactions.


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