Thursday, 4 November 2010

Which Email Client do you Use?

Emails are one thing that we cannot live without, not just in our day-to-day personal life, but also in our business lives. It’s become a way of communicating and dealing with our colleagues, friends, clients, business partners and the list is endless.

As emails have become one of the major forms of communication, there has also been an increase in email clients and programs to choose from, below is a list of top five email clients, which come to mind for most users when choosing an email program, which one do you use?


A Microsoft email program, which has been around since 1990, very popular within business and general users. Outlook offers an all in one solution from where you can manage your emails, calendars, contacts and your daily’s tasks.

Apple Mail 

An email program included with Apple operating system. Its design and features are put together to offer users flexibility and ease, one of the fastest email clients available, with great search facility, address book, and RSS subscription.


An open source application developed by Mozzila along side Firefox web browser. An extremely reliable email client and offers great extensions to work along side the client similar to the web browser Firefox.


One of goggles top rated products, a web based application, allowing you to manage your emails, packed with additional features, allowing you full customization of your appearance. Gmail has also recently launch Priority Inbox, allowing users to manage their important emails on time. Gmail also allows users to fetch emails from other email applications, using its POP service.

Postbox Express 

A simple email program, for users that don’t want a complex program, without all the signing and dancing applications. Postbox is simple, and does what it say’s, you can send and receive emails. Perfect for users that just want to do that with out any fuss.

Which email client do you prefer, votebelow or leave us a comment.

I personally prefer Gmail as it gives me flexibility to have all my emails in one place, which are easily, organized, and have access to all my emails though any web browser. The Search feature is one of my favorites, allowing me to quickly look up the email I need.

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  1. Outlook and hotmail I use quite a bit, as well a sinternal work email clients.

  2. Outlook Express. Have been using it since a long time.
    Find it quite complete with all the essential features.

  3. Gmail. Outlook a long long time ago! 

  4. i use hotmail, gmail and outlook. Outlooks prob the best out the lot

  5. i use hotmail and Gmail, prefer hotmail as i find it more easier to use.

  6. I use yahoo and hotmail the most

  7. EverDesk Optima - no other email client comes even close to EverDesk's features and convenience of use.